Big storm. Hot sauce. Trader Joe’s.

flooded street
This is at the lower end of D Street, looking north. The street is flooded from sidewalk to sidewalk.

Boy, it rained last night and today! Not constantly, but in bursts lasting 30 minutes or more. Channel 5 reported we had 1.18 inches of rain in our part of the Valley, and that’s a lot considering our average annual rainfall is 7-10 inches! I could hear it last night whenever I woke up and we had several bursts of rain this morning. We had some temporary flooding here in Royal Palm as it took some time for the runoff to reach the storm basins.

dark storm clouds
Dark storm clouds overhead, but blue sky underneath. Looking north in D Street.
dark storm clouds
More dark clouds looking south in D Street, but blue sky underneath.

Even after the storms passed through we still had dark skies with occasional sunshine poking through. And that continued on into this evening. We don’t expect rain tomorrow, but it is expected to return on Saturday. But it is forecast to be clear on Christmas Day, Sunday.

Even though Marv Fitchett plugged some holes in the gutter along the bottom end of our awning, we still had a lot of water spilling over onto our patio. This has been a constant factor the last months. While before the water was coming through some old holes left in the gutter now it is just over-topping the gutter. I came to the conclusion that our gutter is plugged, having observed that there was little water coming from our downspouts. So tomorrow I will get out a ladder and try to clear out that gutter to try to keep the water from the patio.

Daughter Shauna sent me a package that arrived today, and one item in it was a bottle of Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce. I think this is a misnomer: it SHOULD be name Hot Chocolate Chipotle Sauce! Pete Petersen dropped by shortly after I opened the package and I pointed it out to him. Pete is an expert on things hot. He read the ingredients and commented that this sauce is probably quite hot. I tasted it later and agree – it is hot! It will be interesting to see how it is when I try it on something.

Dave, you should have known better! We headed to Trader Joe’s this afternoon and decided while we were in the Camelback Colonnade area we would also go to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Wrong! We knew immediately that we turned into the parking lot it was a mistake. Though we drove by the Bed, Bath & Beyond store there was no hope of finding parking, and it was obvious that the store would be a madhouse. So we kept on going through the parking lot to the next street, where we turned into the center where Trader Joe’s is located. This was much calmer, though busy.

We did not have much shopping to do at Trader Joe’s. Mostly I wanted to get some chips and some liquor. I got my usual blue corn tortilla chips and also got a bag of Trader Joe’s classic potato chips to try. I got another bottle of Trader Joe’s Bourbon along with a Trader Joe’s Blended Scotch. I have been trying Trader Joe’s Single Malt Scotch and like it, and now wanted to try the other. I looked for a bottle of rye whiskey but could not find one.

No Bingo tonight, so we are both at home watching TV and working at our computer (in my case for the moment) and tablets (Elaine now, me later).


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