Newsletter done and out. Reorganizing cupboards.

Elaine and pantry stuff
Elaine glaring at all the stuff from the pantry

I was in the rear bathroom this afternoon and suddenly heard lots of noise from the kitchen on the other side of the wall. I had a feeling I knew what was going on and sure enough, when I returned to the kitchen Elaine was madly taking stuff out of the pantry. She said she was tired of not knowing where things were and it was time to reorganize/organize. When she unloaded the boxes after the kitchen was done much was done in a hurry and without much thought of organization.

stuff from cabinets
Another view of stuff from the cabinets

So today she removed most everything except canned goods from the pantry, and many things from the corner cupboard, and placed them all on the counter around the sink. Then she moved them around and into groups of like items and I went through them checking on use-by-dates. We had stuff with dates in 2013, 2014, 2015, as well as items not yet reaching their date! So anything from earlier than the current date went into the trash! That reduced the load.

Then she decided where in the pantry she wanted to keep baking stuff and all those items went there. She gathered sauce-making items and placed them in a box and found a spot on one shelf for those. And so on. After about an hour or so she had everything where she wanted it and we had sorted through stuff either out of date or that we did not want. And now the amount stored in the pantry is somewhat reduced.

We found several items we had bought at one time with the intent of trying them. But now, in some cases several years later, they still had not been used. In most cases we pitched them. We really need to start looking first in the pantry when planning meals and to use stuff we already have.

cover of newsletter
The cover of the January 2017 issue of The Palm Press. You can click on the image to download and read the newsletter.

Today was newsletter folding and delivery day. It being so close to Christmas several of the usual team who help fold were not here, so it was down to four of us. It took about 35-40 minutes instead of 20-25, but we got it done easily.

And some of those who usually deliver the newsletters were out, so Elaine and I did our own route plus two others. We delivered to Streets A through E, which is about 2/3 of the total; about 200 newsletters for us. It is really quite easy to do with two of us on the golf cart and we got it done in less than an hour.

The rain held off today, but there is more forecast for tomorrow and maybe tonight. So this evening we went out and covered our A-E Streets route and wherever a newsletter was still hanging on the mailbox post we removed it and tossed it onto a covered porch or steps. Some of those folks may be gone for the holidays and we did not want their newsletter to get soaked in the rain while they were gone.

While we were driving around this evening we also took in the Christmas light displays and I took photos of many of them. I will then have these photos to use in the December 2017 newsletter. Have to plan and get ahead in this business!

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