Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Christmas card
My electronic Christmas card. Click on the image to see the card.

It’s a magical season for many, at least in this country, with the holiday season upon us. For us it is a quiet time, since we are not traveling anywhere and no one is coming here. We have been in touch with many and are not, thus, “alone”. We went out for our usual Saturday Breakfast Out (to IHOP) and did some grocery shopping, but spent the rest of the day at home. Elaine made some chicken noodle soup for supper using the chicken we rotisseried a couple of days ago. It was delicious! And I sent out my electronic Christmas cards via

It rained from about noon on today, though it is expected to let up by midnight tonight. But the north country – Flagstaff, Prescott, etc – got a good snowfall so they will have a white Christmas. And our day tomorrow is forecast to be at least partly sunny.

I decided to spend this afternoon in preparation for a project I hope to accomplish next year. I want to convert the web site to a WordPress site and make some improvements to it. But first I have to learn to program in the PHP language, since that is what WordPress runs on. While much of the site can be developed using regular WordPress features and plugins, there is a lot of custom programming in the Violette Family site. Part of it has to do with maintaining member profile info and part of it has to do with displaying family tree info. I have most of this running at the present site, written in ASP.NET/VB.NET and SQLServer, but now have to convert this to PHP and MySQL. So today I studied a bit from a book I had recently bought, learning about the structure and conventions of PHP and MySQL. Seems doable!

My best wishes to you all for this holiday season and for the year to come! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Have a wonderful Christmas. Its a little chilly but not as bad as it could be. It was raining this morning at 37 degrees. Its very hard seeing my parents like this. Thankfully my Mom still knows who i am. I’m so happy i made this trip.

  2. Always enjoy your daily posts, saw you at the Portland-Fairview RV Park and few years ago and have followed along with you since . Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. It is a very comfortable 46 degrees with sun today in Gresham Oregon!!!

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