Merry Christmas Day. Great gifts. Potluck dinner.

The day dawned bright and cold; it was 41° this morning and got up to around 62 by afternoon. But with a brisk breeze it felt much cooler. After our breakfast of Breakfast Burritos that Elaine made we opened the gifts that had accumulated in the living room. We both got mugs – one pair were thermal mugs – and some decorations in purple. I gave Elaine a Pandora charm in gold; she has been collecting the silver up to now but with a large collection of those she can now start with the gold. She gave me a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-QX10 camera. The latter is a standalone camera that can be controlled by a smartphone or Android tablet. I had seen the one that Pete Petersen has and liked it, so he helped her pick it out and equip it.

serving line
The self-serving line and some of the food
group at dinner
Here’s the group at dinner

But we lazed around the rest of the day until it was time to go to the Christmas potluck. There were eighteen of us there; each brought something to contribute to the meal and we had complete meals as a result. The food was great and the company better!

After we had eaten, each in turn stood and told the group something about themselves. This was great, since we did not know everyone who was there and it gave us a chance to learn about our neighbors. And even with those we knew already we learned something about them we did not know.

Elaine and I organized the potluck last year and it started this trend. We did not have time to organize this one because of our travels earlier this month, but Nina Page took it on this year. Elaine and Nina spoke about carrying this on again next year.

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