AirDroid connects my phone and my computer.

QX10 camera
Sony Quick Shot DSC-QX10 camera

I received a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-QX10 camera for Christmas from Elaine and I have been learning how to get its photos from the smartphone to my laptop. The QX-10 uses the phone for its preview screen and some functions, and it transfers its images to the phone for storage; it does have a MicroSD card in itself, though. While the phone’s internal camera stores its images in a folder named DCIM, the QX10 stores them in a different folder. I have my DropBox set to automatically upload photos from DCIM but haven’t figured out how to have this new folder do the same. So I did a little searching and found the AirDroid app already installed on my phone.

summary screen for AirDroid
The summary screen showing the overall status on my phone

AirDroid provides an app on the phone and a web site on the computer that will link with the phone. Once paired, AirDroid provides an amazing amount of info about what is on your phone – see the image for details. In the first image you can see how much of my phone’s storage is used and how much is left. This shot was taken AFTER I had removed a lot of stuff from the phone; when I started I only had about 1GB available! If you look at the left side of that screen you can see all the different aspects of my phone’s storage I can access directly through AirDroid.

photo folder on phone
Exploring the Photos folder on my phone.

I found all my photos by opening the Photos folder as shown on the left. That had not only those taken with the camera, but also those taken with the QX10. I was able to easily delete or move any or all of the photos in that folder; I could have moved them to my DropBox or directly to my computer. This was easy!

I had been getting messages on my phone that I was running out of storage space, and this AirDroid session allowed me to fix that. I deleted a whole bunch of photos from the phone and that helped to free up space. But where I really made a difference was when I found a series of videos on the phone. I had no reason to keep them there and when I deleted them I really gained some space, resulting in the status shown in the first image.

Among the other aspects of the phone I can access via AirDroid are messages, voice mails, call history, and so on. Lots of info there!

So not only will AirDroid make it easy for me to move photos from my phone to my computer, it will also help me keep my phone in better shape storage-wise.

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