Kasperksy. Alerts and mailings.

Kaspersky screen shot
A Kaspersky screen shows the three computers that are using the service and which applications have been installed. I had not yet installed the password manager on Elaine’s computer.

It was a busy morning! I finally installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 on Elaine’s computer; our Bitdefender subscription is close to running out and I have switched to Kaspersky because it is part of our Best Buy Geek Squad support package. I have already installed it on my laptop and my tablet (both are Windows computers) and the last of our three installs went on Elaine’s. There will be a learning curve for her since Kaspersky does a few things different, but I can help her through that.

I stopped by the Royal Palm office to drop off some newsletters and Nina gave me a batch of Alert Permission forms that needed processing; nine in fact. So I took the time to do that while it was fresh on my desk. Those that want to receive newsletters by email had to be added to the MailChimp list. Those that want to receive alerts by either phone/text or email (or both) had to be added to the address book group in my Thunderbird email client. For those who did not provide the name of their phone carrier I had to do a reverse lookup using WhitePages.com (my original forms did not provide a place to write this in). Those who wanted their birthday to be added to the Birthday Book (which I use to list birthdays in the newsletters and George announces them at the monthly Social Club meetings). And then I made a list of the new additions to the newsletter-by-email list so I could go out and flag their mailbox posts. The Alert List consists of emails and cell phone numbers people have registered with us so they can receive alert messages. The cell phone numbers are added to the list with the email-to-text domain for their provider (e.g.: 6028035615@vtext.com for my phone’s text access).

I was surprised when Vaneddie Jones called me this afternoon, saying she and Bill Russell had run out of newsletters on their route! Apparently there are more in the RV section than I had anticipated. Fortunately I had about ten left over and there were some I had dropped off at the office, so they were able to make up the shortage. Tomorrow I will have some more printed so there will be some spares at the office and because I need some to send to renewing advertisers. So my 350 print run should have been 365!

We both had busy days on our phones today. Aside from Vaneddie’s call I got several junk calls. And I called Gizmo’s eye doctor’s office to make the next appointment for him and to refill his eye drops. I also called a tile flooring store to find someone who could fix a problem with our floor tiles; they don’t do that but referred me to a company that does; a couple more calls with that. I also called an attorney’s office to make an appointment for Elaine and I to update our wills. Elaine got several phone calls pertaining to Royal Palm business and she made several calls as well. Her phone is usually busier than mine; some days I have no calls at all, in or out.

Elaine’s favorite necklace broke last night; fortunately she was able to capture the part that broke off. So off we went to Jared’s this afternoon to have that repaired. She also took her diamond ring and had them check the prongs and also had them clean it. How much more sparkly it is when cleaned! She also took a couple of broken anklets for repair; though it will cost $50 to repair them that is still a good deal since the anklets are worth over $400. She brought her two silver Pandora charm bracelets to be cleaned. And while we were there I bought her an advance birthday present – a gold Pandora bracelet for her new gold Pandora charm. Only one for now, but surely more to come.

Elaine found that the new rear deck on our golf cart came in handy today. She got a call to pick up several items being donated by a resident and the large rear deck made it easy to carry the items. She is on call for the medical equipment runs. Royal Palm Social Club has a shed for storing wheelchairs, walkers, potties, and many other types of equipment and these are available for use by any resident. Elaine and George Immerso are the contact persons for this service.

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