Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce. Newsletter advertising. 2016 will be even longer.

Daughter Shauna sent me a bottle of Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce for Christmas, as I wrote a few days ago. We had some orange chicken the last two nights and I used the sauce for dipping on the side of my plate. Tonight Elaine cooked some shrimp and I used the hot sauce again as a dip. It was great! Yes, it is hot but the hot does not overpower the flavors. Great choice, Shauna! Thanks.

The next couple of weeks will be busy with advertisers for The Palm Press, the newsletter of the Royal Palm Social Club, of which I am the editor. Many of the advertising contracts are running out around the end of the year so I am sending out letters to those outside the Park asking them to renew. I had an additional 25 newsletters printed today so I would have enough to replace the 15 needed for the RV section yesterday and some extras for the office to have on hand for newcomers. I like working with UPS on the printing; not only are their prices reasonable, they can usually pitch in and get the job done right away. I came in this afternoon and they had the 25 printed, folded, and stapled in about 10 minutes.

I sent each renewal request with a copy of the January newsletter so they can see what they are advertising in and how their ad looks. I printed up some business cards for me as Editor with the advertising rate schedule on the back, and included one with each letter and newsletter.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be cold calling businesses around our area to seek more advertising. We need about another page or so of ads to carry the cost.

I was surprised when I went to the Washington Post Office near W Northern Ave to be able to walk in and go to a postal clerk in less than a minute! She and I both had a chuckle over that unexpected occurrence. When I was done the line was eight deep, though. Talk about timing!

I read today that the year 2016 will be even longer than we thought it would be or that it seemed to be. Yes, 2016 is a leap year so we had an extra day added to February. But did you know there will be a leap second added just after midnight on December 31st? Yup. Just another adjustment needed to keep our clocks in tune with celestial time.


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