Undercabinet LEDs – purple. Elaine reorganized shelves. Chicken Lombardy.

LED undercabinet lights
Our new cabinets now have LED light strips under them to cast a warm violet glow to the kitchen.

Pete finished up our kitchen undercabinet LED lights yesterday and we love ’em! Without the white elements on there is a soft violet glow, as shown in the photo. Adding the whites increased the lumen output and there is more usable light. I had hoped there would be more light output but am happy with what we have.

I worked quite a while in my office, clearing my desk somewhat and processing stuff that had accumulated. For example, I discovered that Progressive had spelled our last name incorrectly on our golf cart insurance, so I called them to get the change made. I had two data packages from Good Sam Extended Service Plan and called them to figure out why; apparently some change was made that resulted in a second one being issued. Pitch the earlier one. And so on. I was able to get totally through the stack to the right of my computer; the left will not be as bad.

While I was doing that Elaine was very busy with the shelves in our office bathroom. She has four of them and I have one. She went totally¬† through all of them and at least neated them up; in the case of her shelves she also sorted through and discarded some stuff making more room. She worked so hard and the air was close in that small room, so she had to take breaks every so often to cool off. The photo shows her bottom three shelves and my one; I couldn’t get back far enough to show the top shelf as well. After all, they are in the tub space in our office bathroom!

Chicken Lombardy
Chicken Lombardy with snow peas

Elaine made a great supper tonight – Chicken Lombardy. Chris Nugent posted the recipe on Facebook recently and Elaine thought it looked and sounded great. It is delicious! We both agreed it was a keeper recipe.

I also did some work on my old laptop computer. Marv Fitchett’s laptop he uses for karaoke was stolen so I offered him my old one. Two problems to solve first; the battery had gone bad and the charger was missing. The charger for Elaine’s computer had gone bad so I gave her the one from my old laptop. Marv suggested I go to¬† Batteries Plus, and sure enough they had replacements for both battery and charger. They were not at that store, so I had to go back this evening to pick them up. Now I am charging that battery and going through the power calibration phase.

I also am reinstalling Windows 7 Professional on the laptop; that is the operating system that came with it when I bought it from Dell several years ago. I will also have to do some data cleanup as I noticed after the reinstall that my data folders are still there. But it should be a good machine for Marv to use when it is done.


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