John Ogden visit. Chronic Tacos.

John's rig
John’s bobtail rig parked in an open area here at Royal Palm

We had a surprise visit from son John today. He arranged his schedule so he had a load to drop off in the Phoenix area and came in late last night. He had been in touch with his Mom for about a day, trying to let her know about his plans as they changed. This time he was able to arrange to drop his trailer off in a secure yard so he could then drive his rig as a bobtail here to Royal Palm. We found a spot for him to park here in the Park so that was also secure overnight.

It was late when he got in last night – around 11:00 or so. Elaine made him something for supper and we headed for bed. I think Elaine also did some laundry; that is something he always needs.

John and dogs
John sitting with the boys. Gizmo is snuggled down under his elbow almost out of sight.

This morning we all went out to breakfast at Denny’s and then Elaine headed to a nail appointment. John continued checking with his dispatch trying to determine what and when his next load would be and he stayed around the house with the boys and me in the meantime.

Chronic Tacos logo
Here’s their logo on a napkin
My Pollo Asado tacos on the left, my Potato Taco on the right

It turned out his next load would be this afternoon, so  we all went to lunch at Chronic Taco. We had heard about this restaurant from Pete Petersen and since he raved about it we thought we would try it. We all agreed with Pete! I had a pair of Pollo Asado tacos plus a Potato Taco. Pete had really like the Potato Taco, so I had to try it. It is a regular wheat taco with some mashed potato inside and then deep fried. You then add whatever fillings you want. I have to agree it is different, but good. The Chronic Tacos plan is that you select the base you want: taco, burrito, bowl, salad, and then select your fillings. There are various meat mixtures as well as cheeses, and other typical embellishments.

We had a meeting this afternoon with an attorney to update our estate planning. We have old wills that were done back around 2006, and much has changed since then. It was an intense session, and we have a lot more work to do over the next week or so to finalize our plans. There is a lot to think about and many decisions to be made. We were both tired tonight.

I gave Marv Fitchett the reconditioned laptop this afternoon and later on he came over so I could help him update some drivers and download and install his karaoke software. Once I knew more about how he works I also suggested some added utilities that would help him.

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