Barley Shrimp. Desk cleaning. New Year’s Eve.

Barley shrimp
Elaine’s Barley Shrimp

Elaine loves to experiment with creating her own recipes, and they are usually great. Tonight was a good example: Barley Shrimp. She cooked barley in chicken broth; roasted some onions, and red, green, and yellow peppers; and sauteed some large shrimp, then cooked them all together to blend the flavors. I like the chewiness of the barley and its flavor. And of course I love shrimp and the veggies. Great recipe!

This is my Bubba Gump omelet

We went to breakfast this morning to The Cracked Egg on Glendale Ave. We’ve never been there before, but we are likely to return. I had a Bubba Gump Omelet and Elaine had a Fajita Skillet. Their portions are huge – far more than we can eat in one setting. My omelet tasted good but Elaine did not care for the taste of her skillet.

I spent a few hours clearing some more of my desk and doing some filing. The main reason things had piled up was because I had not been doing that filing; I hate that part. But it is looking better now and just a little more work will get it in great shape.

I went over to visit with Del and Helen Kentner this afternoon. They are friends in the RV section. I haven’t been able to visit with them as much as I usually do, but it is always great to visit with them.

Marv singing
Marv singing
Marv at karaoke station

This evening we went to a New Year’s Eve bash at the Clubhouse. Marv Fitchett was playing both karaoke and DJ music (at different times). People brought snack foods; Elaine made some chocolate fudge to bring. We only stayed for an hour or so, since the loud music tires me fast and gives me a headache.

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