Goodbye to Jake.

Marc and Jake
Marc playing with Jake

A call late last night from my nephew Marc Violette brought sadness to our home. Jake had passed away. Jake was Marc’s dog at first and became like a member of our own family during our stay in NH over the winter of 2013-4. We were in my parents’ house and Marc lives next door. Since Marc worked days Jake spent a lot of time with Elaine and I and our boys, and was well loved by us all.

Jake and Kerby on couch
Jake (facing me) and Kerby relaxing with me on the couch.
Jake and snowbank
Jake climbing snowbanks in the back yard. Didn’t faze him!

It became more difficult for Marc to care for Jake after we left and Marc was gone so much. So he gave Jake to his sister Paula’s family and Jake became even more of a hit in that house – especially with their teenage daughter Olivia. Those two became inseparable friends.

The end came as a surprise to everyone. Marc said he had seen Jake on Wednesday night and Jake was excited and playful. Apparently on Thursday he showed signs of distress so they took him to a vet, who checked him out and gave medications. On Friday it was worse, so back to the vet who then determined Jake had brain tumors and it was far advanced. No recovery from that.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Paula, Mike, and Olivia as well as to Marc. Jake will be much missed!

One thought on “Goodbye to Jake.”

  1. Thanks so much for the heartfelt tribute to Jake.

    Everyone that came in touch with Jake loved him.

    Not many dogs had this impact on people.

    My sister, her family and I have been grieving for the last several days.

    My heart breaks also for Olivia. she gave so much love and happiness to Jake.

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