We had a sandwich in Panguitch

Don’t try to stop in Panguitch UT on a Sunday New Year’s Day and expect to find a restaurant. In fact, half the motels are shut down as well. We found a place that is less than adequate to stay – the New Western; wish we had chosen another one. We got in around 7:00 PM and the only place to eat in town that was open was Subway. So we got a sandwich and some soup and brought them back to our room.

No Internet, so I have to use my Verizon smartphone for a hotspot. There is a 4G signal but only 1-2 bars so it is very weak and it keeps losing the signal.

They have DirecTV in the room but it only works with the non-HD channels, which is a very poor group of channel selections.

And on and on. We can’t recommend the New Western!

I don’t even know if I can get this post published tonight!

We are on our way to Rock Springs WY to see Elaine’s sister, who is deathly ill. We got word yesterday that she had gone downhill suddenly; Elaine had been planning to go up on January 15th anyway, but the recent news changed that plan.

I tried to get a flight into Rock Springs but the earliest we could get in was Jan 3rd. I could have booked a flight into Salt Lake City but we would have had to stay over night, rent a car, and drive up from there in the morning – about 3.5 hours – and we would have arrived on Jan 2nd. So we decided to drive our own car up from Phoenix; we will still get there on Jan 2nd, just a few hours later. Elaine had some items she wanted to deliver to Shauna and this allowed us to haul them. Plus, since we are going into winter weather we can also carry winter gear in the car easier than on the plane.

We left Phoenix around 11:30 this morning. We had a lot of preparations before we could leave, such as laundry and packing and so on. We decided to leave the boys home and arranged for Mary McDougale to care for them. She will stay overnight at our house with them and take them out during the day and make sure they get fed. Pete Petersen will also be stopping by our house to bring in the mail and I am sure he will spend some time with them as well while he is there.

We stopped for lunch at Cordes Jct and fueled up. We ate at a Mexican fast food place and it was just barely OK. In fact, Elaine got stomach upset from the food we think.

On to Flagstaff where we made a pit stop at Little America, then on to Page AZ where we made another pit stop at Maverik and took on fuel. We continued on on US 89, through Kanab UT, and on into Panguitch. I had hoped to make it to Beaver UT but it was just too late.

Traveling north on I-17 to Flagstaff was very frustrating. There was a lot of traffic and a lot of stupid drivers. Speeds varied from 20 mph to 75 or more, with a lot of stop and go. It took us more than ½ hour longer to reach Flagstaff than normal. Drivers in AZ tend to drive in the left lane, whether they are passing or not, and this creates a lot of problems and backs up traffic; especially when they drive 65 in a 75 zone.

red rocks
Some of the impressive rock formations along US 89 in Arizona on the Navajo Reservation

The rest of the way was good traveling. Not a lot of traffic and what there was was moving well. We always enjoy the scenery on US 89.

rain on road
Storm clouds and light rain caused slowing traffic on I-17 north.

It was sunny when we left Phoenix but it turned to cloudy and then light rain by the time we climbed the Mogollon Rim. We had off and on light rain on the way to Flagstaff but further north there was little rain. Up in UT in the higher elevations we even had a few snow flurries.

We started the day at 58° in Phoenix and it was around 30° when we reached Panguitch.

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