Good news Gizmo. Jo update.

Gizmo, our youngest Shih Tzu, has had eye problems almost since birth. He has had and been treated for pigmentosa keratitis for a year or more; this is a brown pigment coating covering part of the surface of both eyes. Recently he had a bulge in his left eye which has been treated by Eye Care For Animals in Phoenix as well. He was due for a followup and I had made an appointment for today. Then last week we started noticing a white streak near the bottom of his left eye and another just over the center.

I was anxious about this new development, so I was concerned when we had to leave suddenly for Wyoming. I didn’t want him to miss the appointment, so I called George Immerso and asked if he would take Gizmo to the doctor. He said he would. So today he and Mary McDougale, who is taking care of the boys, took Gizmo to the eye doctor. I made arrangements for him to call my after the doctor had looked at Gizmo, so I got to talk with the doctor as well.

The good news? The reason the white spots are showing up is that the pigmentosa has reduced so they are now visible! That means that the treatment regime is working! The white spots are something else that can be treated.

Our worries have been that the pigmentosa would take over and he would lose his eyesight. That appears to be not the case.

A fun point in the appointment-by-telephone came when Gizmo heard my voice coming from George’s phone. George said that Gizmo looked at the phone as if he expected me to come out of it!

We are lucky to have such good friends!

We went to the care center to visit sister Jo this morning and late this afternoon. She was mostly unresponsive, sleeping or comatose. She did slightly open her eyes when we spoke to her but did not respond. When asked if she wanted some water she nodded slightly and did take a small sip. When asked if she wanted anything else she shook her head slightly. Her grandson Chad reported similar from his visit this morning.

The plan is to bring Jo home tomorrow; I think Medicare is forcing the issue. She will have hospice care but only if there is someone with her 24 hours a day. Hospice will come in ten hours per week plus doctor visits. So her son Mike Behrman arranged for a hospital bed to be set up in her house, and son Steve with Elaine and I have moved things around so she can be in her living room. Elaine is planning to stay with her for a while at least, spelled by Steve and his wife or Mike when Elaine needs to get out for something. I’ll be staying at least for this week.

We got some shopping done at Walmart this morning and dropped off two of Elaine’s prescriptions at Walgreen’s to be refilled. This afternoon we stopped to get our front windshield wipers replaced. They were badly worn, as we found out in the snow storms on our way up to Wyoming. Phoenix summers are hard on wiper blades.

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