Christmas gone. Another great meal. GoWISE Air Fryer. Poppies are in bloom.

Elaine and tree
Elaine removing ornaments from Christmas tree on porch

Our Christmas decorations are finally down. Elaine and I are feeling better so this morning we got started and got a lot of them taken down. Then this afternoon, after a break for a rest and for lunch, we finished up packing them in their boxes. Pete Petersen came over this afternoon to take down our icicle lights to finish up the job. Now all we have to do is pull out the storage tray under the deck and pack them away.

xmas gone
Christmas decorations are gone and the house looks bare

The front of the house looks bare now! But soon I hope to start on my planter box project which will dress up the front and make it more colorful.

Elaine did another experimental meal tonight, and made another winner! She had found a steak slightly freezer-burned in the freezer and cooked it in a pot with a can of French Onion Soup, some beef broth, some Worcestershire Sauce, some onions, and some mushrooms. She cooked it all afternoon, adding some water as the contents cooked down. Let me tell you, the house and the immediate neighborhood sure smelled great this afternoon! When done she served it over the leftover barley and vegetables from last night. It was delicious; very rich and tasty, and the meat was very tender.

air fryer and meal
Air Fryer and meal

She also tried out a new cooking tool. She had spotted the GoWISE Air Fryer someplace last week so I bought it on Amazon and it got delivered yesterday. This device has a cooking basket and it cooks with heated air circulated within the chamber. It claims to fry foods without using oil. Tonight she cooked potato wedges, though they were coated lightly with oil so they would brown better. The wedges were tasty, and slightly soft inside.

poppies n bloom
The first poppies of the season are now in bloom

A couple of weeks ago we started seeing poppy plants coming up in yards around Royal Palm, including ours. Today I spotted one bud on one of our plants and we saw the first blossoms in another yard that has full south exposure. We are always happy to see those colorful poppies coming up; we will be seeing them for the next five months or so.

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