Sausage frittata. Potluck supper. Elaine card class. Christmas put away.

Happy Birthday, Elaine!

My sausage frittata

It was potluck night at Royal Palm tonight, and about 40 residents were there to enjoy the feast. Since Elaine was gone to a card class this afternoon I decided to create our contribution. After tossing around ideas for a while last night I decided on a frittata. Why not! I’ve never made one before but I sure enjoy them! It must have been a hit, because the platter was empty before the meal was over.

The frittata was easy to make. Kielbasa sausage chopped fine and cooked in a large frying pan. Elaine’s breakfast burrito meat mix added. Red, green, and yellow pepper chopped fine and sauteed with green onion in the sausage mix then spread on a large cookie sheet. Fifteen eggs whisked with salt and pepper and poured over the other ingredients. Baked for 30 minutes at 350°. Then some marinara sauce drizzled over the top and Mexican Four Cheese sprinkled on it. Broiled for about 4 minutes.

Two of the cards Elaine did at the class today

The card class was held in Sun City West and Elaine and Jan Ostlund attended. The cards were in kits, the figures as stamped images ready to color, and the coloring was done with Copic markers. This is a technique that both Jan and Elaine enjoy using, with good results.

rollout tray
This 8 ft rollout storage tray under our deck has our Christmas and Halloween stuff stored.

Our Christmas stuff is all put away, stored in one of the pullout trays under our deck. That tray has both Christmas and Halloween stuff.

serving line
The serving line at the potluck

The potluck dinner at the Clubhouse tonight was attended by about 40 people and there were some good dishes available. No reason for anyone to go away hungry! I sampled about 6-8 different items – all good. It is always fun to be there and share the meal with friends.

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