Dull and dreary day. Dogs groomed. Board meeting. Newsletter.

As I started out with the dogs for their walk this morning it started to sprinkle lightly, and that is what we had off and on all day. The skies were grey and cloudy, though patches of blue came through at times. And it looks like we will have more of same over the next 2-3 days. The Arizona high country is getting snow – large amounts of snow. Forecasts for the Flagstaff call for 18-20 inches of snow!

Off our boys went to Pet Club for grooming this morning. Kerby especially was getting quite shaggy, but Gizmo does not show it as much. Elaine decided to not have Gizmo’s body groomed this time; she wants him to have more hair in the winter time since he seems to get chilly easily; he’s a skinny little guy. The cold does not seem to bother Kerby much, however.

The Social Club Board meeting this morning ran on longer than usual – about 1½ hours instead of ½ to 1 hour. This was because the new managers, Linda and John Miller, attended the meeting and there were many items discussed with them that would not be discussed at usual Board meetings. Elaine is Board Secretary and I attend only as Editor for the newsletter. We got a good chance to discuss many issues with the managers that were not open to discuss with the previous ones. That seems like a good thing at the start, and it seems like the new managers have some great ideas that will benefit our community. Let’s hope that they are successful in convincing ownership about the needed changes.

I worked further on the upcoming newsletter, due to go to the printer on Monday. It is taking shape, and I now have almost everything in place. There is still some last-minute content I don’t have yet, but that will be here by the weekend.

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