Dog role change. Trader Joe’s. Newsletter to printer.

Gizmo dry, Kerby wet
Kerby goes down the wet sidewalk while Gizmo stays on the dry pavement

Ever since we’ve had him (2006) Kerby has gone out of his way to avoid puddles. Gizmo, ever since we got him (2012) has never avoided them and seemed to enjoy paddling through them. Until this year, that is. Now their actions are reversed. Gizmo walks in the middle of the street on rainy days and Kerby paddles down the sidewalk and through any puddles there. Who knows how come!

I got the newsletter wrapped up and taken to UPS for printing, then picked it up later in the day. It will go out tomorrow.

This afternoon we made a trip to Trader Joe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and CostCo with Pete Petersen. It was time to restock my liquor shelf (Trader Joe’s Bourbon, Trader Joe’s Rum, and Trader Joe’s Canadian Whiskey – the latter tried for the first time) as well as to purchase several other items we can only find at Trader Joe’s or where we prefer their version. Pete does a lot of shopping at Trader Joe’s and goes at other times either alone or with others. We go there about once a month or so.

At Bed Bath & Beyond Elaine got some additional Calphalon omelet pans and a few other items. At CostCo she bought shrimp, crab legs, and halibut and a few other items. She especially likes the larger shrimp that CostCo carries and that are not available at Fry’s. They are great cooked on the stove and even better when cooked on the grill.

One thought on “Dog role change. Trader Joe’s. Newsletter to printer.”

  1. I have yet to make it to a Trader Joe’s. Not many around here and none close to us.
    That’s funny about the boys switch in water habits. Mitzi doesn’t seem to mind getting her feet a little wet. But can’t stand rain or even a little sprinkle. If she has no choice she will dash out and do her business and then Dash back in. I have an upside-down dog umbrella I can use the whole over her if it’s raining really hard, or she won’t go out at all. If we’re out walking and it starts to rain she wants me to pick her up and protect her from melting. She used to hate thunderstorms, was terrified of them, but in the past year she has lost most of her hearing. Now she doesn’t even know when it’s thundering. The only thing she can hear now is shrill high-pitched sounds, like if I make a loud whistle.
    Love to all, Joy

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