Newsletter done. Irrigation underway. Jay and Bonnie Groendyk.

newsletter cover
The Palm Press cover for Feb 2017. Click the image to download the newsletter.

The Royal Palm newsletter was published today. Our volunteer crew met at 9:30 in the Clubhouse to fold and band each newsletter and I assembled them into groups for each of the volunteers that distribute them throughout the Park. There are six teams that do the distribution, each handling from 50 to 100 newsletters. That work goes fast for those of us with golf carts; Elaine and I did our D Street route of about 50 in about ½ hour.

Yesterday Tom Nugent started work on our irrigation system. He and I had planned out the project some time ago and he had bought much of the materials for it. While our house was undergoing remodel in May-June 2015 Tom had started the project by running a water feed line from under the house to our new shed and installed a four-port pipe header and three zone valves. Now he has installed two PEX pipe lines from the control valves down and underground back to the house and under the house to the front. One is white in color, the other is blue. One will feed a drip irrigation system in a series of planter boxes I plan to construct now that water will be available, the other line will feed drip lines for whatever plants we have on the ground out front. The third control valve will feed a drip line Tom will construct along the middle beam supporting our awning and will be used for whatever hanging plants we have along that route.

I had a surprise visit from Jay and Bonnie Groendyk this morning. I knew they were back in the Park for I had run into Jay in the office last week. The Groendyks are in a motorhome on a space three down on Q Street from the space we used to occupy. We had met them while walking our boys when we lived there and had become friends with them. They had tried going to Florida last winter but decided they preferred Phoenix so came back here again. It was good to see them and catch up. Elaine wasn’t here when they came by the house, since she was at the Tuesday crafts session.

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