Skin cancer check – OK. Appointments.

I am on a semiannual basis for skin cancer checks, and today was the day for my appointment with AZ Dermatology. No new problems were found, they just had to freeze about eight different spots on my head and face that are typically precancerous. That is a common occurrence for me, though the number was higher than usual. Having had a history of skin cancer over the last dozen years I highly recommend that anyone over the age of 50 or so have regular skin checks. So much better to catch ’em when they are relatively small and harmless!

Elaine made shopping trips to Hobby Lobby and Walmart this afternoon, but was not able to find some of the things she went for. Guess we’ll have to look at to see if we can find them there!

I spent most of the afternoon dealing with some issues.

First was to get someone to come look at our refrigerator to see if there is a problem. We get a constant background noise similar to a fan and that is present even when the door is open. This is different from the compressor sound we hear after a door has been opened and closed. LG referred me to a couple of local firms that do authorized work on their refrigerators and I called and made an appointment with one. This process took me about 1½ hours!

Second was to find out who to go to for new glasses. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with my insurance company and got referrals to two different providers that are covered under our insurance (AARP UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage). I did not have time to make an appointment today but will tomorrow.

Third was to make appointments for Kerby and Gizmo with their vet. Kerby is due for an update on his bordetella shot and will go in tomorrow; he’ll get his annual checkup at the same time. We’ll also pick up refills on Gizmo’s eyedrops at the same time. And Gizmo will also have his annual checkup and one or two of his shots updated at the same time.

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