Gizmo and Kerby checkup – all OK. Dave eye checkup – OK.

The boys are OK. Today they both had their annual checkup session with Dr Brandon Young at Companion Pet Clinic in Phoenix. We have been going to this clinic almost the whole time we have been in the Phoenix area and like them very much. What’s more, both Kerby and Gizmo like them as well. Both boys are in good health. And now their immunizations are up to date.

Kerby often has ear infections and gets yeast in his ears easily. They washed his ears out today and we now have both a rinse and a medication to use in his ears. The rinse will be done for a week, the other will continue as needed. Gizmo will continue with his eye treatments.

And it was my day for an annual eye exam. I really need new glasses since my current lenses are somewhat scratched and one bow broke off. I had been going to Dulaney Perkins the past few years but have been very unhappy with the cost of their glasses. And though they are in our insurance network I decided to try Nationwide Vision this time, also in our network. I was very pleased both with the eye exam process and the cost of my new glasses. I get progressive lenses in polycarbonate and have anti-reflective coating applied. The frames I got are very similar to the ones I already have in style and features. Last year at Dulaney Perkins the whole thing cost me out of pocket about $550; this year my out of pocket was $210. That shows you how high the markup at the former place is. This year’s price is much more realistic. By the way, our AARP UnitedhealthCare Medicate Advantage plan has a good vision plan. $20 copay for the exam, $0 copay for standard lenses (including progressive), $70 allowance on frames.

And my eyesight? My visual acuity uncorrected is 20/20 (left)-20/30(right) for distance, 20/70-20/100 for closeup and reading. Corrected to 20/20 for both distance and near vision.


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