Changing login page. Tile cleaning.

dogs and hoses
Kerby and Gizmo trying to figure out their way through the hoses and cables

Page Carpet Cleaning was here today cleaning our tile floors. There was a lot of grout sealer slopped over onto the tiles themselves and we did not like the appearance of it. It also made it hard to keep the floor looking clean in those areas. We spent the time in the office with the boys, to keep us out of Alan’s way. At one point Gizmo wanted to go out for a walk so I took them. You should have seen the dismay on their faces and in their actions when they started to walk out the door and saw all the hoses and cables on the deck!

cleaning kitchen floor
Alan Page hard at work on the kitchen floor

The photo above captured the scene on our way back in from the walk. The one at left shows Alan Page at work.

Kerby eventually sucked it up and wound his way through, but Gizmo could not handle it. On the way out he finally found a path around all the mess and behind the chairs and got to a place where I could pick him up.

The job got done but the sealer was not removed. He used an electric buffer with a scrubber pad and some chemicals to try to remove the sealer. We’ll have to look at other options now.

I went to Ace Hardware today to get a wet/dry vacuum that I can use to suck up all the leaves and dirt on the patio floor. I had bought a used one some time ago but did not realize it did not have a wand and attachments.

I first chose a Craftsman 9-gallon vacuum but got to thinking on my way home “Where would I put it?” So I turned around and went back to the store and swapped it for a 2.5-gallon unit. Much smaller. Lower power, but I hope it will do the job. I’ll know tomorrow!

I finally learned how to modify the login page for this blog site. (This is NOT the page where you can SUBSCRIBE to receive emails from posts.) The site is open to the public, so no login is needed for accessing the stories and other content. The login is only required to perform admin functions. But starting a few weeks ago I was suddenly getting as many as a dozen emails a day letting me know that someone had registered at the site. Since the email addresses were from places like Russia or were from known scam email domains such as or I knew they were up to no good. Though these people registered, they were not allowed to access the admin area of the site or do any harm, but getting the emails had become annoying. Plus I kept having to go in to the user area and delete them.

I finally had a little time to do some research today and learned how to eliminate the Register button on the login page. While I was at it I also installed a plugin that would allow me to customize the login page, though the only one who sees that page is generally me. This should quiet things down for me.


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