Penny Sale and Raffle. Theme change. Sandy Hiner.

Cathy, Mary, Cheryl, Peg, and Chris handling raffle process

The Women’s Club Penny Sale & Raffle started this morning at 9:00 and ran until around 1:00 this afternoon. This is an annual event, where residents contribute items to be raffled. Attendees can purchase groups of blind raffle tickets and place one ticket (or more) in a container in front of each item they want to bid on. The drawn ticket wins the item for the holder. There was a separate 50/50 raffle event, won by John Koch in the amount of $71. In that event half the proceeds from ticket sales for the event went to the winner.

raffle winnings
All the items Elaine won in the Penny Raffle

I estimate that around 40 people attended the raffle event. There were so many raffle items donated that the raffle went on for almost an hour! I didn’t get the total penny raffle proceeds amount.

Elaine won several items in the penny raffle. She mostly bid on food items that will go into the Rescue Pantry, but she did win some other items. And at least one other person donated a food item they won for the Rescue Pantry.

There was also a soup lunch sale that started at 11:00; vegetable beef and chicken noodle soups were available for purchase. I got there around 11:30 to have some lunch and watch the raffle process – I did not buy penny raffle tickets but did buy some 50/50 raffle tickets. Elaine had gotten there at 9:00 to help with the raffle process, and she had spent a couple of hours there last night during the setup process.

Sandy Hiner came over for a visit today. She and husband Ed have been winter RV visitors for several years and we made friends with them our first year here. They came in a couple of weeks ago and tried to visit with us, but we were gone. I was over in the RV section to drop something off for Del Kentner and met up with Sandy next door. After also saying Hi to Ed, I gave Sandy a ride back to our place so she could visit with Elaine.

I decided to try a different theme for this web site today. One advantage of using the WordPress system is that changing the theme is very easy. The theme controls appearance of the web site as well as, to some extent, the features. I had been using a theme named Twenty Sixteen but have now changed to Twenty Fifteen. (Those were the default WordPress theme for the respective years.) You will notice that the sidebar has moved from the right side to the left and there are other changes as well. I also changed the background color from white to a violet color. Let me know what you think about this change!

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