Simple supper. Home projects. Great weather.

soup, bread, cheese
Soup, beer bread, and gruyere cheese

Tonight we had a simple supper: soup, bread, and (for me) cheese. The soup was leftover from yesterday’s Penny Raffle soup lunch, and we had beef and vegetable augmented by Elaine with some snap peas. The bread was made from Bountiful Beer Bread Mix by Tastefully Simple; Elaine used a can of Pineapple Wheat Beer, made from beer with natural pineapple juice added for the moisture in the mix. The cheese I had was some gruyere.

Our weather has been on the cool side for a week or so lately, but that is changing. Overnight lows have been in the mid-30s, highs in the mid- to high-50s. But today it started a warming trend and our high was 72°. The forecast is for similar highs for about the next week at least. It is time for it to warm up again!

Because the weather was so nice outside we both worked on some home projects today that required being outside.

Necklace rack (left) and earring rack (right)

Elaine painted a couple of wood racks that she will use for earrings and necklaces. She found the earring rack in some rummage and I bought the necklace rack on Amazon. But she wanted them to be black to match other décor, so today she spray painted them in the back yard. I will mount them tomorrow.

I finished getting rid of leaves on the patio. I bought a wand extension for the wet/dry vac so I could suck up the leaves on the patio. There is a mostly-dead tree in the neighbor’s yard behind us and we get lots of leaves from it since the prevailing winds come from that direction. They accumulate in our patio. I started to remove them yesterday but tired from having to work bent over, so having the extension allowed me to stand more upright today.

New bookcase for our office

My next project was to assemble a three-foot, three shelf, bookcase for the office. I decided there was room for it on the wall behind me and I can use the extra storage space, especially since I am bringing in stuff from the motorhome. I really like these furniture kits; it took me about 30 minutes to assemble the bookcase and have it ready to use. In the next few days I will figure out how I  want to use the space. While we have a two-drawer lateral file at the end of our desk ensemble, having those shelves closer at hand for things I use frequently will make life easier for me. I am more likely to file something if I don’t have to get up and go around the desk to do it. (We’ll see how THAT works out!)

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