Fritatta supper. Web site redesign. Changed to normal. Racks on the wall.

My chicken fritatta

I had bought some ricotta cheese a week or so ago and decided it was time to use it. So I prepared a chicken frittata for supper tonight; the ricotta got mixed in with the eggs while being beaten, to give the egg mixture a bit fluffier texture. I also chopped up some green onion and red, green, yellow, and orange peppers and sauteed them with the shredded chicken.

new web page
The new look for my web site,

I made some major changes to the appearance of my web site – – this morning. I changed the whole color scheme to a purple mix and I added rounded corners to the content holder areas on the pages. I think it really looks great! This is really easy to do with WordPress, for the template I am using (Twenty Fifteen) provides several different color schemes you can switch to with the click of a mouse. Adding the rounded corners required me to make some custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) changes, but that was easy as well.

I went to Dr Low, my oncologist, today for my six-month checkup. To the surprise of us all, my “numbers” have changed to normal! No more high white blood counts, platelets are in normal range, no more anemia, testosterone back to normal levels after the prostate cancer treatment, and PSA levels way down still. This is the first time those numbers have been in normal ranges since at least 2003, when the chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) was first diagnosed. He has moved my next checkup to eight months instead of six.

Elaine’s new necklace rack (l) and earring rack (r) mounted on the wall and loaded up.

Today I mounted Elaine’s necklace and earring racks on the walls in the bedroom, and she has them loaded up already. I was amazed at how many earrings she has!

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