New glasses. Violette Family website rework.

Dave Violette, new glasses

My old glasses were getting scratched and then the left bow broke at the hinge, so it was time for new ones. I went to Nationwide Vision last week and they called to tell me the new glasses were in late this afternoon. So off I went after supper and picked them up. I think they got the prescription correct; upper zone for computer work, lower zone for reading (I don’t need glasses for distance vision). I know better in this coming week.

I started work on the new Violette Family Association web site, using WordPress as a base. I did some experimenting on layouts using different themes and decided on one for starters; it may change later. I also set up the pages for the site and copied content from the existing site. From here I need to customize the theme and layout as well as to edit and update the page content. But my biggest task will be to do the programming to incorporate the member profile database that I first created for the organization back around 1990 and have expanded upon over the years. My current programming is in the ASP.NET/VB.NET language but I will have to convert it to PHP. Not sure how much of an effort that will be.

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