IHOP. Social Club. Newsletter.

We had a good breakfast at IHOP this morning; I had a short stack of pancakes, free for doing an online review last time, plus sausage and ate part of Elaine’s omelet.

2017 officers: Dale Stroh (VP), George Immerso (Pres), Elaine Violette (Sec), Jo Elmore (Treas)

Then at 10:00 we attended the monthly Social Club meeting. It was a good meeting, with lots of residents in attendance. We bought the cake and doughnuts for the meeting at Albertson’s after we had breakfast; the cake honors the January birthday members, including Elaine. Continue reading IHOP. Social Club. Newsletter.

Smashburger. Rain. Shopping.

My Black Bean Burger, and Elaine’s Avocado Club Sandwich plus Veggie Frites

Come time for lunch, I suggested we try the taco place for which we have some coupons for free tacos. “No”, said Elaine, “If I have a choice let’s go to Smashburger.” So Smashburger it was. “Our smashed burgers are always made-to-order, never frozen, smashed and seared to perfection on our grill.” And we will agree they are tasty. A choice for Smashburger is always good. Continue reading Smashburger. Rain. Shopping.

Dull and dreary day. Dogs groomed. Board meeting. Newsletter.

As I started out with the dogs for their walk this morning it started to sprinkle lightly, and that is what we had off and on all day. The skies were grey and cloudy, though patches of blue came through at times. And it looks like we will have more of same over the next 2-3 days. The Arizona high country is getting snow – large amounts of snow. Forecasts for the Flagstaff call for 18-20 inches of snow! Continue reading Dull and dreary day. Dogs groomed. Board meeting. Newsletter.

A great dishwasher. Newsletter work. Women’s Club.

Our Bosch dish washer open and loaded

As part of our recent kitchen remodel we added a dishwasher. It has been years since we had one in our house but I didn’t mind. Our deal has been that one of us makes dinner, the other washes dishes. And since Elaine does most of the cooking that meant the dish washing fell on me. Continue reading A great dishwasher. Newsletter work. Women’s Club.

Doggie door update. Tablet charger update. Crafts.

It’s working! Kerby has been using the modified doggie door on a regular basis and without any fuss or hesitancy. You’ll remember a day or so ago I added a tieback feature that allows us to lift the doggie door flap and hold it open when we want. Kerby would not go through the door with the flap down, but he goes freely with it open (pun intended). We close the flap at night so no skinny burglar or stray animal will come in while we sleep. Continue reading Doggie door update. Tablet charger update. Crafts.

Newsletter and ads. Surface Pro 2 charging.

Today was a newsletter day; the February issue goes to press on January 23rd. I worked on content – adding some stories and updating some categories. I have an interview to do tomorrow for the monthly Spotlight feature and the Social Club meeting comes up this Saturday; both will provide content for their respective sections of the newsletter. So at this point the February newsletter is progressing well. Last month I messed up two items on the calendar but I have now taken steps to avoid that problem in the future. Continue reading Newsletter and ads. Surface Pro 2 charging.

Kerby and doggie doors.

doggie door lifter
My doggie door lifter holds the flap open so Kerby will use the door.

OK, so Elaine and I are typically kicked back in our recliners in the evening when Kerby starts barking at the doggie door in our back door. He absolutely will not push his head through to go out or to come in. So one of us has to operate our slooowww electric recliner to get up and either open the door for him or try to persuade him to go out the doggie door. Then we have to get up again to let him in. Over the year or so since we installed the doggie door we have tossed around various ideas about why he resists using the doggie door and of how to solve this. Gizmo, on the other hand, goes in and out freely. Continue reading Kerby and doggie doors.

Sausage frittata. Potluck supper. Elaine card class. Christmas put away.

Happy Birthday, Elaine!

My sausage frittata

It was potluck night at Royal Palm tonight, and about 40 residents were there to enjoy the feast. Since Elaine was gone to a card class this afternoon I decided to create our contribution. After tossing around ideas for a while last night I decided on a frittata. Why not! I’ve never made one before but I sure enjoy them! It must have been a hit, because the platter was empty before the meal was over. Continue reading Sausage frittata. Potluck supper. Elaine card class. Christmas put away.

Start newsletter. Weeding. Wood flowers.

wood flowers
A bouquet of flowers made from wood
Karen with boys
Karen Egbert and our boys

Karen Egbert came over today to express condolences to Elaine and brought with her a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers made from wood. Her grandson makes these for sale, and we had bought some during the community yard sale here in the Park a couple of months ago. Thank you, Karen! What amazed us is how quickly Kerby and Gizmo took to her; they were both in her lap in a heartbeat. While that is not strange for Gizmo, it is for Kerby. Continue reading Start newsletter. Weeding. Wood flowers.

Car detailing. Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken.

Why would you tell a customer “That’s never happened here before”? Think about it for a moment and I will get back to it.

cheesy pasta chicken
One Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta Chicken

Elaine cooked that One Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken dish again tonight. I reported it before and described how delicious it is. That hasn’t changed! I love the cheesy flavor and the sun dried tomatoes in the sauce. And the slow-cooked chicken is so tender and tasty. Continue reading Car detailing. Cheesy Italian Pasta and Chicken.