Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Elaine and Jan
Elaine and Jan clinking margarita glasses in the craft room

Elaine finally got the call about mid afternoon; Jan Ostlund had tried three times before and we had not been at home any of those times and Elaine never noticed she had received those calls. But it was not too late – she invited Jan to come over to do some craft stuff and she arrived shortly after. They had a great time for several hours – perhaps lubricated by the margaritas I made for them early on – and then we headed to Pei Wei for supper. Great to see Jan again!

breakfast crowd
Part of the crowd at Breakfast in the Park this morning

We started our day with Breakfast in the Park – that great $5 bargain we have here in Royal Palm once a month. Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast, potatoes, and fruit are the choices and you can load up with what you want. We had a very large crowd there today with almost 90 people eating. In fact, the serving team ran out of a couple of items before everyone had been fed! The crowd size was mostly due to winter visitors from the RV section, I think.

At lunch we were back at the Clubhouse, this time for a birthday party for Elayne Stettmeier. There were about 30 folks in attendance, including a number of Elayne’s friends and family from outside the Park. It was a good party.

Back home, Elaine took a nap while I rested and did some web systems research. Then off to the pool for a swim. With air temp in the mid-70s and plenty of sunshine, it was a good day for a swim and there were six of us at the pool.

plug strip
Elaine’s plug strip, attached to an added wood strip fastened to her side table

I finished up work on Elaine’s plug strip mount this afternoon. I had painted the wood strip yesterday and added a clear coat this morning, so it was ready to install. I fastened the wood strip to the legs on the table side next to her recliner and then attached the plug strip to the wood strip. The plug strips that we are using do not have mounting holes so I used hook-and-loop fasteners to attach them. This should work and will allow easy replacement of the plug strips if needed. Having the plug strip up at table height makes the USB cables reach her devices without stretching and brings everything closer for plugging things in.

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