Plentiful poppy season. Board meeting. Grooming day. Office repainting. No ADT..

poppy blossoms
The California Poppies in our neighbor Chino’s yard get sun exposure all day long and the blossoms are plentiful.

I love this time of year, when the California Poppies come into their own. We started seeing the little green plants about three weeks ago and now they are in full bloom in most yards. Our neighbor across the street, Chino, has a yard with exposure to the sun from  morning to night, so his blossoms are more plentiful, whether poppies or something else. And Chino takes great pleasure in gardening and spends a lot of time in caring for his plants.

Elaine and I went to a Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting this morning; Elaine is the Secretary. These meetings are always informative, so I go in my role as Editor. The Board gets to discuss items of interest to the Social Club and make decisions about what to bring before the membership.

Today was Gizmo and Kerby’s day for grooming. Actually, they were supposed to  go last Thursday but we totally forgot. The Pet Club called me on Saturday and we rescheduled for today. I had not put it on my calendar and I don’t remember getting a text message reminder as usual. Kerby got his usual haircut but we are changing Gizmo’s regime. Previously his hair had been cut short like Kerby’s but last time Elaine asked them to leave it longer since he seemed to be chilly in the cooler weather. And as the time went on we decided we really like how he looked a little fluffier so today she asked for them to only clean him up but leave his hair long. We’ll see how that goes.

new building colors
The old building colors on the right (game room) and the new colors on the office and clubhouse on the left.

Royal Palm is undergoing the start of many improvements. One of the first tasks is to repaint all the common buildings and that started this week. The old colors were something like a Navajo White with a tan trim but the new colors are a little darker red color on the body of the buildings and a dark brown on the trim. I think it will look nice; in any case everything will look fresher and cleaner.

The ADT agent came by this afternoon to prepare for installation of their system at our house. But first I asked to see the contract before them doing any work. They don’t produce a contract until all the work is done and the items installed are entered, since they work electronically. But that didn’t satisfy me. The agent, Greg, worked hard and was finally able to get me a paper copy brought in specially. And then we spent about an hour asking him questions about the systems and the service. I ended up deciding not to go with ADT at this time; I feel that ADT has a good reputation and service but am not ready to sign up for a 36-month contract. There are many others on the market with similar characteristics and with no contract, and the technology is changing so fast I did not want to be tied down for three years. In addition, ADT’s personal medical alert system only works within 100 feet of the base station at  the house; I want something that will work wherever we are and there are other systems that do. I’ll do more research.

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