Even the poppies are on strike! Newsletter. Boxes.

closed poppies
The poppies won’t open if the sun does not shine as on this rainy day

We’re in the second day of gray skies and occasional showers or downright rainfall. It’s so bad that even the poppies don’t want to open their blossoms! They only open up when the sun shines. The photo at left is of the same area I showed in my story on February 16th when they were all open. But they should be open again tomorrow.

It was a slow and quiet day around our place today. Elaine had trouble sleeping last night so she slept later this morning and, as a result, we did not go out to breakfast. We both spent most of the morning at our tablets, reading and checking news. This afternoon I did some added work on the newsletter; George Immerso had sent me photos yesterday of the Rent Raffle winners so I downloaded them and got them into a page of the newsletter. I also did some setup by adding two pages. Recent newsletters have been 20 pages but I have added paid content which pushes this issue to 22 pages. So I did the restructuring necessary to accomplish that. Since the newsletter is printed in four-page folios, this means that two pages will be printed separately on each side of a single sheet which will then be inserted into the center of the newsletter.

Elaine apparently got curious about boxes in the shed and opened one up this afternoon. Gizmo and I wondered where she had gotten off to, so we went exploring and found her pouring through the box contents. She found a lot of craft supplies and items along with other items. This was one of the boxes we had stored when we sold the house at the end of 2010, so it had not been opened since. We have a few more of those to open yet. To help safeguard the contents I had lined each of the boxes with a heavy black plastic trash bag and then sealed the trash bag with tape before closing the box. So all the contents were in good shape when the box was opened.

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