Beautiful quilt. Cleaning medical shed. Newsletter almost done.

Craft ladies admiring the quilt Shauna made for Elaine.

We came back from doing some work this morning to find a surprise package on our deck. Addressed to Elaine, it was a beautiful large quilt done in – wait for it – violet and purple colors! It was from daughter Shauna; she made it herself, using her large quilting machine to finish it off. Elaine was so excited about it that she took it to her craft session this morning to show it to her crafting friends. I was there, and there were lots of wonderful comments about the handiwork. It will now fit nicely on our bed.

medical shed
Items emptied out from the medical shed. George Loonsfoot, Elaine, and Dale Stroh working at it.

A major task for Elaine and a team this morning was to empty out the Royal Palm medical shed, sort through the items to determine which to keep, and clean up the items before they went back in. Dale Stroh helped out by making some changes in the shed that will help to keep stored items apart and easier to access. Betty Stroh and George Loonsfoot helped to sort things out and to wash down all the items being saved. We don’t know how long it has been since the shed has been emptied and cleaned, if ever. While the shed was empty, Gene from Vic’s Pest Control came in a fully sprayed the inside. Elaine had found a black widow spider there once while removing some equipment.

The medical shed holds equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, toilet seats, shower chairs, and similar equipment. These items are available for Royal Palm residents to borrow free of charge whenever needed. Elaine is one of the go-to people that people call when they need something.

We all agreed that the shed was overloaded, with far more of just about every item than was needed. Equipment is donated by residents or their families when it is no longer needed, so it adds up. Larry Schenck made arrangements with Hospice of the Valley to take whatever was no longer needed here, so it won’t get thrown away.

I worked hard on the newsletter first thing this morning then printed out three draft copies for Mary Jane Caraher, George Immerso, and Leslie Nielsen to review. I got comments back from Mary Jane this afternoon. I later printed out a copy for Elaine to review and I have her comments in hand as well. I will wrap it up tomorrow morning then take it to the printer.

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