Newsletter published. On to taxes.

newsletter cover
Cover of the March 2017 Royal Palm Social Club newsletter

Whew! The newsletter has been printed and is ready to distribute tomorrow. This issue has been more of a hassle than recent ones for a couple of reasons. Until this month I have simply copied the previous month’s Microsoft Publisher file and made changes for dates, etc. The layout remained the same, so I only had to change the content of the features. But in March we added an extra full page color ad which meant I had to add two pages, and since the printing works with four-page folios those two pages had to be an insert. I moved the ad that was on the inside back page to one page of the insert and then had to rearrange several pages so that the page numbers for the insert page fell where they needed to and so that the internal flow of various features made sense.

While all those changes are fairly easy to do using Publisher, they still take time and a fair amount of concentration to be sure everything fits properly after the changes are made.

This issue has 22 pages, where recent ones had 20. This brought the cost per book from about 85ยข to $1.00. There was not enough advertising revenue to pay for printing this issue so I am going to have to evaluate whether to increase the advertising or reduce the content in future issues. In any case, more ads will mean less space for content, so it’s a balancing act. I want the newsletter to be revenue-neutral at worst for the Social Club.

Now I have to immediately turn my attention to preparing our tax documents to give to our CPA. Over the last two months I have been gathering documents as they came in from banks and others and have scanned them and gathered the scans in a folder. That part is mostly done now. My next step is to go through the year-end reports for each of our credit cards and for our checking account and flagging items that are tax-related so I can capture the info in spreadsheets. I’d like to have it all done by the end of February, but it may take a week or so longer.

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