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Grilled Steak Fajita Quesadilla

For months we have driven by Las Jicaras Mexican Restaurant on W Hatcher Rd time and time again. And every time I drive by I make a mental note to check it out sometime. Tonight was that time; I suggested it to Elaine yesterday and she agreed. This is a fairly simple home-style Mexican food restaurant; it is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had the Grilled Steak Fajita Quesadilla; the steak was chopped and cooked with fajita-style vegetables, then cooked in a flour tortilla with cheese. It was good.

Grilled Chicken Chimichanga

Elaine had the Grilled Chicken Chimichanga, with red chilis and a mild sauce. It was good as well.

Service was good and was prompt. The restaurant wasn’t busy at 5:15 when we arrived, so we were served quickly. We are likely to go back again.

I did a lot of running around this morning and also a lot of work at my desk. I was catching up on some advertising renewals and potential advertisers for our Royal Palm newsletter. A couple of these were renewals but most are potential new advertisers.

Elaine and I went to The Home Depot to get some items. I needed some brackets for hanging ladders and we wanted to look for something to remove the slopped-over grout sealer on our tile floors. We tried one compound they have at Home Depot but it did not work. Then this afternoon I noticed a phone number on the sealer container and called that number. They gave me suggestions for a couple of products that can be used to remove the acrylic polymer sealer, so I will get one of those and try that. Our porcelain tile floor has a flat finish (by choice) but the grout sealer got slopped over onto the tiles and leaves some shiny spots. And those areas tend to get dirty easy as well. So finding a solution to the problem is important to us. We talked with one contractor who said he could get rid of the sealer, but at a cost of $650 so we want to avoid that if we can.

The weather being nice we took Gizmo and Kerby along with us and they went into The Home Depot with us. They always enjoy that and, of course, they get lots of attention in the store. I forgot to get a photo of them in the cart. When we got to the checkout I told the checker he would not be able to scan the dogs since they don’t have a “bark code”. It took him a moment to catch on, but then the light went on and we had fun with that.

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