Back to Home Depot. Breakfast treats. If all else fails.

in shopping cart
Kerby and Gizmo in shopping cart at The Home Depot

We were back at The Home Depot again this afternoon; this time to return some items purchased a couple of days ago and to purchase some others. Pete Petersen took advantage of our trip to go along and buy some lumber items he needed for projects he is working on. And Kerby and Gizmo went again, too. They love to go shopping! They didn’t get as much attention today as the last time, but they still enjoyed it. I just had to buy some shelf supports and some brackets; I am going to install them on the outside of the shed and use them to hang an extension ladder to get it out of the way.

 sausage chunks
Kerby and Gizmo eagerly going for sausage chunks brought home from breakfast

Breakfast this morning was at IHOP on W Northern. We split a chicken fajita omelet and I had a single pancake and some sausage. Two sausage were intended as leftovers to take home for the boys. They always know when we have been out eating and almost attack us at the door when we come in. They chased Elaine to the kitchen, where she took the sausage chunks out and gave them to the boys. They love those!

If all else fails, read instructions or seek help! I have been struggling with trying to print on business card paper stock on my HP Envy 4500 printer. I had success using one type of Avery stock but when I switched to a Staples business card stock it would not feed properly. I forgot which Avery paper I had success with so I could not buy more. So today I did some researching using Google, etc, and finally got it figured out. What I had to do was figure out which paper type to set in Publisher’s print routine so that the printer’s feed could be adjusted for paper thickness and other factors. And that took some searching.

I have been used to seeing paper weights in pounds, as in 20 lb, 24 lb, etc. But now the industry seems to have switched to grams/square meter (gsm) and I have to learn it all over again. And with the heavier stock they also give the paper thickness. The Staples Heavyweight Business Card stock is not listed as an option in Publisher’s printer dialog, but the package says it weighs 210 gsm and is 9.5 mils (thousandths of an inch) thick. So I went to HP’s web site, looked up their papers, and went through the specs for several different ones until I found that the HP Premium Plus paper, which is listed in Publisher’s printer dialog, has similar specs with a 11.5 mil thickness. I did a test selecting HP Premium Plus paper and a set of cards printed with no slippage and in exact registration. VoilĂ ! It only took me weeks of frustration and about an hour of real work this morning to get a solution.


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