Elaine and Crafts. Dave and dentist. Tax prep is done.

tee shirt
Elaine’s I Am Not A Hoarder tee shirt

Today was craft day for Elaine. She did a lot of preparation work prior to going to the craft session at the Clubhouse and I helped her with some of that. She wanted copies of several stamping designs made so that she could print them out in the future, and I did that using our scanner/printer. And she wore the shirt in the photo at left; she had bought it online as soon as she saw it advertised.

I went for my semiannual dentist visit to Aspen Dental this morning. The space next door is being remodeled so as I sat in the waiting area I could hear power saws and power drills working in that space, quite loud through the common wall. As I listened I thought this would not be a good time and place for someone who is already nervous about dental work to be waiting for their turn! No drilling in my case, though. I was there for routine work and came away with nothing found. Good!

I finished up my tax preparation today and made an appointment with our CPA, Randy Elder, for next Monday morning. I’ll be glad to get that over for another year, though our tax situation has not been onerous the last few years. After all, if you have no income you don’t have much income tax! Randy has been doing our taxes for about ten years now, and does a good job for us. Plus I enjoy working with Randy and enjoy our annual visits.

Swimming was good today, though getting out of the water was not as good. The pool temp was 85° as usual, but the air temp was 66° and there was a 10-15 mph wind. I am up to 30 minutes of continuous swimming this week; I started at 10 minutes at the start of February when I resumed swimming and have been adding 5 minutes each week. Last fall when I left off swimming I was doing 45 minutes continuously. Not sure where I will end up this year.


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