Social Club meeting. Winco shopping. Pappadeaux with Bill and Nancy.

Elaine slept in this morning so no breakfast out. Instead she made breakfast burritos for us. Then we went to the Social Club meeting at 10:00. We didn’t win the Rent Raffle this year (we did in 2015); someone else got the $475 credit against their rent for March, and others won the $100, $75, and $50 prizes.

After lunch we went to WinCo to do some shopping; Pete Petersen went along with us. While Pete shops at WinCo often, we have not been there for a couple of years. It is a great place to shop. They have a great and wide range of things to buy and their prices are excellent – lower than any of the grocery chains and maybe lower than Walmart. I know their produce is better than Walmart.

We really like the egg rolls from WinCo; Pete has shared some with us in the past. So that is one specific thing we went for. But while there we did buy several other things as well. The WinCo store is huge! I managed to get about 1/3 of the way through and had to call it quits and return to the car. Elaine finished the shopping as did Pete; I don’t know how much more of the store they covered!

Violettes and Schulings
Nancy Schuling, Elaine, Dave, Bill Schuling at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

This evening we went to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen with Bill and Nancy Schuling. Their anniversary is tomorrow and ours was four days ago, so we went out to celebrate together. Pappadeaux on a Saturday night is a challenge. We got there at 5:15 and it was already packed and had a long waiting line. But we decided it was worth the wait so I got signed in and we waited. We would have had to make the reservation call at least two days ago to be able to make one for a Saturday. I found a seat at the bar and the others stood for a while waiting. Then two more seats opened up and Elaine and Nancy took those while Bill stood by; he ordered drinks for us all while we waited. It took 1:15 before we got seated and it was 8:30 by the time we got out. Elaine wanted a large (3 lb) lobster but they did not have one so she ordered Pasta Mardi Gras. I ordered Atlantic Salmon Alexander. I had a Andouille Sausage Gumbo for an appetizer, Elaine had a Lobster Bisque. Needless to say, we had lots of leftovers to take home from our main courses plus we ordered some dessert to take home as well. It was a great evening; we always enjoy being with Nancy and Bill.

Newsletter work. Interview with a lovely woman. Costco shopping. No Reunion.

Much of my day was spent working on the upcoming Royal Palm newsletter. I have most of it done now; just waiting for news from the Social Club meeting tomorrow and any last-minute ads or items. This afternoon I interviewed Agnes Volk, who has been in Royal Palm since 1990. I always enjoy visiting with Agnes and miss seeing her at the pool. She’ll be back once it warms up again, she says. She is still very active for a 92-year-old! Continue reading Newsletter work. Interview with a lovely woman. Costco shopping. No Reunion.

Plentiful poppy season. Board meeting. Grooming day. Office repainting. No ADT..

poppy blossoms
The California Poppies in our neighbor Chino’s yard get sun exposure all day long and the blossoms are plentiful.

I love this time of year, when the California Poppies come into their own. We started seeing the little green plants about three weeks ago and now they are in full bloom in most yards. Our neighbor across the street, Chino, has a yard with exposure to the sun fromĀ  morning to night, so his blossoms are more plentiful, whether poppies or something else. And Chino takes great pleasure in gardening and spends a lot of time in caring for his plants. Continue reading Plentiful poppy season. Board meeting. Grooming day. Office repainting. No ADT..

John and GPS. Schemes and Scams. ADT.

John has a Rand McNalley TND 7720 GPS that has been having battery problems; this is not good for a trucker! So I loaned him my RVND 7720, which is the same concept except for RVs instead of trucks. He sent his in for repair today but at least he’ll have one to use in the meantime, though it won’t have all the features the truck version has. I had not used mine since our last trip last fall so the battery was totally dead. It did not take long, however, to get it charged enough so it would connect to our Internet and start doing the updates. Continue reading John and GPS. Schemes and Scams. ADT.

John visit. Happy Anniversary. New LED lights.

John’s truck parked on a vacant lot down the street

John is in for a visit today for a day or so, and this time we arranged for him to park his tractor on a vacant lot nearby us. That way he can check on it whenever he wants and he feels more secure. The Park gate is closed from 6 PM to 6 AM. Tonight he took us to Red Lobster to celebrate our 32nd anniversary as well as Valentine’s Day. Dinner was delicious! Continue reading John visit. Happy Anniversary. New LED lights.

We went to Jared’s. New valences.

Elaine’s gold Pandora charm bracelet. We added the two at the top today.

When your anniversary falls on Valentine’s Day, you know you’ve got to do something about it! So I took Elaine to Jared’s today – our favorite jewelry store. We’ve been shopping at Jared’s for 15 years or so now. And for many years we have purchased Pandora bracelets and charms at Jared’s, among other jewelry items. Elaine has three silver Pandora bracelets mostly filled with charms. Continue reading We went to Jared’s. New valences.

Rearrange pantry. Newsletter work.

Elaine is rearranging her Rescue Pantry to make it easier to find things

A recent foray into the Royal Palm Rescue Pantry with some clients pointed out to Elaine that she needed to do some reorganizing. She started by storing canned goods and packages in a black metal cabinet in our shed, but decided it was too hard to find things on those relatively low shelves. So she decided to move everything out of there and use the cabinet to store some of her things instead. So this afternoon she tackled the reorganizing job and got it done in an hour or so. Now all those cans and boxes are on the wire shelves and more of them are at eye level. Continue reading Rearrange pantry. Newsletter work.

Breakfast at IHOP. Mail lists. Potluck supper.

My breakfast: a half omelet, some sausage, and a pancake. The leftover sausage came home for the boys. I only ate half of the rest.

Breakfast at IHOP this morning for Elaine and me. We had much the same as last week: she ordered a Colorado Omelet which she shared with me. I ordered a pancake and some sausage to go with it and she ordered an English muffin. The omelet was delicious but so huge that even when we split it we each could only eat about half of our split! Continue reading Breakfast at IHOP. Mail lists. Potluck supper.

81, 83, 77, 74

Our forecast for the next week

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the next day. Those were/will be the temps here in Phoenix. Nice! Though it will cool down a little below that 74 in the days after, the temps will be slowly climbing again. We have had some great weather this week, with mostly sunny days and little or no wind. Though we may get some showers this weekend, we are moving into the time of year when we get little rain. It has been great at the pool all week. Continue reading 81, 83, 77, 74

Karachi didn’t work, either.

light strip
The LED light strip runs along the center awning beam.

We’ve become more security-conscious here in Royal Palm since the street in front of the park became the “end of the line” for Phoenix’s light rail system and there are more itinerants in the area. I have been advising residents via our newsletter to leave outside lights on at night to reduce hiding places. We have a string of LED lights running under our patio awning from front to rear and since they do not consume much electricity it makes sense to use them for that purpose. Continue reading Karachi didn’t work, either.