From motorhome to mobilehome

Our house decorated for Christmas

Up until the end of 2010 we lived in a 2,850 square foot (sf) ranch-style home here in Phoenix. We had lived in similar in other places we have lived. Then we sold that and moved into our 360 sf motorhome and lived in it for another two years. We then traded for a 450 sf motorhome and lived fulltime in it for another two and a half years. What a change! But we lived well and learned how to use the reduced space. Today’s motorhomes are so well designed that every cubic inch of space is made usable. I should mention that those square footages I quote are based on gross dimensions and with the slides extended. Then in mid-2015 we bought and moved into a 960 sf mobilehome, our now permanent home. Continue reading From motorhome to mobilehome

Life after RVing – Royal Palm Community

A sunset as seen through our front motorhome window here in Royal Palm

Yesterday I wrote about “hanging up the keys” to our motorhome, and received many nice comments. A lot of folks talked about opening the next door, or starting a new chapter in our lives, or enjoying the rest of the adventures in our lives. There were some nice comments from people who have followed my posts for the many years of our travels, hoping I would continue writing; I will. So I thought I would follow yesterday’s story with a description of what we have moved on to; I have posted in the Facebook Living the RV Dream group and know there are a lot of people in that group who will someday be faced with the same choices. Here’s another aspect of our story. Continue reading Life after RVing – Royal Palm Community

Hanging up the keys

OurHous on a lot at Royal Palm RV Park

On our last trip in our motorhome last year we decided it was time to “hang up the keys”. A very sad decision in some ways, for we have had eleven years of great times seeing great places. I have enjoyed the romance of being free and on the road! But Elaine and I got tired on our trips lately and so our trips would likely be fewer in the future. I totaled up the costs and concluded that we spend about $1,500 per month to own our motorhome even when we do not use it. That was fine when we used it a lot, but doesn’t make as much sense if we don’t. Continue reading Hanging up the keys

End of an era, moving out. Moving web stuff.

Our 2006 Itasca Sunrise 35A towing our 2002 Trailblazer

Back in the spring of 2006 we bought our first motorhome, a 36-foot Itasca Sunrise gasser. In the spring of 2012 we traded it for a 2012 40-foot Phaeton diesel pusher. We lived in the Sunrise about half time from 2006 through 2010, and then fulltime the next year or so. And we lived fulltime in the Phaeton from 2012 until May 2015. And now we are getting ready to sell the Phaeton. Continue reading End of an era, moving out. Moving web stuff.

Light on the deck. Breakfast burritos. Elaine got hacked.

The new light in place, and working

Several months ago I set out to replace the porch light on our deck – so many months ago I cannot remember when. It got done today. When we added a security door its swing hit the existing light so I decided to replace the old carriage-lamp style with a new LED light that only protrudes an inch or so. I immediately ran into a problem in that the mounting holes for the light fixture did not match either of two sets of mounting holes in the electrical base installed in the side of the house. Continue reading Light on the deck. Breakfast burritos. Elaine got hacked.

Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Elaine and Jan
Elaine and Jan clinking margarita glasses in the craft room

Elaine finally got the call about mid afternoon; Jan Ostlund had tried three times before and we had not been at home any of those times and Elaine never noticed she had received those calls. But it was not too late – she invited Jan to come over to do some craft stuff and she arrived shortly after. They had a great time for several hours – perhaps lubricated by the margaritas I made for them early on – and then we headed to Pei Wei for supper. Great to see Jan again! Continue reading Jan Ostlund. Breakfast in the Park. Elayne Stettmeier birthday. Elaine’s plug strip.

Violette Family Association web site almost ready. George Immerso. Dave’s plug strip.

VFA web
New Violette Family Association web site

I did more work today on the new Violette Family Association web site, and it will probably go live tomorrow. I am pretty happy with the results so far, but still have some tweaking to do to get it the way I want it. This site has some features I have not used yet in my previous WordPress-based sites, so I have some learning to do on how to incorporate and manage those features. That is all part of the fun! Continue reading Violette Family Association web site almost ready. George Immerso. Dave’s plug strip.

Swimming today. Great weather.

Dave and Elaine in the pool today.

It was time to start swimming again! The pool here at Royal Palm is always heated and is at 85° year-round. But when the weather is cooler and especially when it is raining or the wind is blowing, getting in and out of the pool is less comfortable. The last time we were in this pool was in early November, but we’ll be there almost daily from now on. I was able to swim for about 15 minutes before getting tired and ready to quit; that will get longer as time goes on. Continue reading Swimming today. Great weather.