Elaine nails. Park gate is closed. Ladder on a rack.

The entry gates at Royal Palm now remain closed unless a vehicle is going in or out

Starting today, the entry gate to Royal Palm Community will be closed all the time instead of just from 6 PM to 6 AM. This is in response to a number of factors: an increase in traffic in and out of the gate having nothing to do with Royal Palm and its residents, an increase in transients entering the Park and the potential for mischief, and an increase in unease of Royal Palm residents. The Park is (or was) advertised as a gated community and many residents plus the new managers want it to be that way. This will require a change in a number of behaviors.

Permanent residents are issued a remote that will operate the entry gate on demand; the exit gate is automatically opened when a vehicle approaches from inside. All residents are also issued a code that can be used to operate the entry gate from a keypad near the entry. Regular delivery companies have been given this code so they can enter the Park with their legitimate business. Police, Fire, and Emergency vehicles also have regular access. There is a method by which visitors can contact a resident and be given access without having a code.

We lived in a gated community when we first moved to the Phoenix area and appreciate the feeling of security this gives. It is sometimes a hassle to have to wait for a gate to open or close, but you soon learn to live with it.

The managers have told us that they are in negotiations to replace the existing old gates with new ones which will operate faster. One drawback of the existing gates is that they move so slowly that two or three vehicles could enter when one gives the code.

Elaine’s nails for March

Elaine got her nails done today, and they look great. The ring finger has a shamrock in green, for St Patrick’s Day.

Her toenails were also done, but they are not as “fancy” as the fingers.

She has been going to the nail salon in Walmart at 19th Ave and Bell and likes working with a nail tech currently there. Over the years she has had to change salons as nail techs leave the salon she has been going to or leave the business. She is always relieved when she can go to the same tech months in a row!

ladder on shed wall
The extension ladder is now stored on an outside wall of our shed.

I installed the standards and brackets today to hang the extension ladder. I installed this on the side wall of the shed opposite the side with the doors. This keeps the ladder out of the way, and it is high enough on the shed wall so it will clear the golf cart when we drive it through that space.

The ladder is not mine. Pete Petersen borrowed it from Ray when he was installing the Christmas lights and LED lights on the front of our house more than a year ago. I keep reminding Ray that it is here, and he says he will come by to pick it up, but he has not in all that time. I have not assumed that the ladder is mine, but I am sick of it being in my way so I solved that problem with the rack to hang it on. The house here in the Park where Ray was living has been sold and last I heard he was moving to Wisconsin. But then I heard he is looking for another place here in Royal Palm to live, so I have no idea what is going on. In any case, the ladder is his, not mine, but I will feel free to use it if needed.

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