Weeds be gone. Current reading.

I’ve shown you the California Poppies that have been blooming the last few weeks, but so also are the weeds starting up. Warmer weather and occasional rain has gotten the weeds a good hold and without attention they will soon take over our yards. Our Park managers have posted signs reminding people to clear weeds from their yards and I am sure they will be making personal contact with those who ignore the message before long.

I had been digging the weeds out as they showed up and was keeping ahead of them for a few weeks. But lately that was not enough, so I bought some RoundUp over the weekend and did some spraying a few days ago. It rained for a couple of days after, so yesterday I checked on the results. Most of the weeds I had sprayed were dead or dying, and I had missed some. The RoundUp I bought ran out before I finished the yard, so I bought a larger (1 gallon) container today to do some more. I was pleased to discover that the one I bought today has a battery-powered pump in the sprayer handle that makes applying the RoundUp much easier. The previous one was a spray bottle and I had to switch hands before I was done, a couple of times. Tomorrow I will go around the yard with a hoe, digging up the dead weeds.

Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow

All the interest in Alexander Hamilton brought by the current musical production got me interested in Hamilton’s story. So I got the book upon which the musical was based – Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow – and read it recently. It is a very long book, but well worth reading! I was not aware of the very important role Hamilton played in how our government was organized at the start. But what also came through clearly is that the various activities in our recent elections don’t come anywhere near being as “bad” as they were in those early times. You think we had/have “fake news”? Back in those days there were numerous newspapers and publications whose only reason for being was to spread falsehoods about officials and legislation. The attacks were vicious and personal!

Millard Fillmore, by Robert J. Rayback

I am currently reading Millard Fillmore by Robert J. Rayback. I have previously read David McCullough’s biographies of Harry S. Truman and John Adams, and found them interesting. But lately I have wondered why some of our previous presidents became elected so I thought I would start reading about them. Why Fillmore? Well, in central Utah there is a Millard County of which the county seat is Fillmore and we have driven through Millard County many, many times over the years and have also stayed in Fillmore. Fillmore was the first territorial capital of Utah. I often wondered why those two places were named for that president and that is why I started with this book. I suspect the reason is that he was the President who espoused bringing in California as a state, settling the border between Texas and New Mexico, and creating the territories of Utah and New Mexico. And while reading this book I also saw how vicious and back-stabbing politics was in those times as well.

I plan to continue in reading biographies of former presidents. Some fascinating stories!

And not getting enough of political turmoil I am currently playing the Netflix series House of Cards. Wow!

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