Supper at Garcia’s. Twitter.

Garcia's entrance
Elaine at Garcia’s entrance

We figured we needed a meal out, so we chose Garcia’s on W Peoria Ave. We haven’t been there for a while – since Chris and Charles Yust were visiting a few months ago. It is a great place for Mexican food; one of the old time Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. It being Friday evening, we went early to avoid the crowd. Our 4:45 arrival was timely and we got in right away and were served with no waiting.

steak and shrimp
Steak and Shrimp dinner

I had a Steak and Shrimp dinner and Elaine had Chicken Fajitas. I brought half of mine home and Elaine brought 2/3rds of hers home.

Chocolate Mini Chimis

And then for dessert we  had Chocolate Mini Chimis. This delight has four small chimis made with chocolate tortillas and stuffed with sweet cream cheese and chocolate. And they are served with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and caramel syrup and whipped cream. Yum! I managed to eat one and Elaine a half, and we brought the rest home. After margaritas, chips and salsa, our main course, and then dessert, we were well sated. In fact, once we got home Elaine rolled back in her recliner and is dozing.

If you tried to reach my web site ( late last night or early this morning you were not successful. HostGator, my hosting service, suffered a server outage that knocked out quite a bit of their service and they worked through the night to reestablish service. They kept us in touch with progress using postings in their forum. Glad to see it back mid-morning today.

I have been trying to figure out how to print custom sized paper on my HP Envy 4500 printer and have finally had to conclude it is not possible using the Windows driver for that printer. Were I using a Mac, it would be. I went to HP’s forum and posted my question and got a response with things to try; none worked. Then I used HP’s Support Assistant to look further. The Support Assistant suggested that I post my question to HP support on Twitter! That is the first time I have run into that system for support! I have had a Twitter account (@DaveViolette) since August 2009 and was active in it for several years. But my last Tweets were in early 2016; I haven’t used it since. So I got logged in to Twitter again and posted my question and received a reply. The reply was the same as I had learned elsewhere – that capability is only available with the Mac.

Back in the 2009-2015 era my blog posts were automatically posted to Twitter as well as Facebook, but I stopped the former because I didn’t sense I had many Twitter followers that were not Facebook followers. I think I also made some other changes to my systems at the time and just did not reestablish that Twitter feed. I may start it up again and see what happens.

But any posts prior to October 2016 were made using my previous system, not the WordPress system I am using now, and the content is not currently available. I plan to move all my previous content over to my new system at some time, though, but have a lot of word to do to enable that.

Once I connected with my Twitter account again the first thing I noticed was that I had been following a lot of feeds – most had to do with RVing. So I spent an hour or so unfollowing all those feeds. I also noticed that Twitter itself has a lot of junk (Twitter Sports, Twitter Movies, etc) that does not interest me, so I went through and muted all those (I couldn’t unfollow since I was not following). Now my feed stream has been greatly reduced.

I will follow Twitter for a while to see if it still interests me.

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