Perfume in the air. Tax meeting. Elaine hearing check.

citrus blossoms
Citrus blossoms and buds contribute a heady perfume to the air

It is that time of year when you immediately notice a distinct perfume in the air when you walk outside. That comes from the citrus fruit trees as they put out a new set of blossoms for the spring. We have orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees in Royal Palm so there are a mix of scents depending on where you are. The photo at right shows, if I remember correctly, lemon blossoms on a tree behind our neighbor’s house. Right next to it is a grapefruit tree.

Elaine finds the citrus scents too heavy for her, but I enjoy the aroma. I admit, it can get quite heady at times and in some places!

I started off my day with a ┬ámeeting with Randy Elder, our CPA. I had sent him all the tax prep stuff I had done and we went over it. His system lets him check this year’s entries against last year’s and he asked me questions as we went along. He discovered several items I had not sent him, so I still have more digging to do. But at this point it looks like we will owe no taxes, state or federal, again this year. That’s good!

I always enjoy my visits with Randy; we spent about 45 minutes on tax things and another 45 minutes or so just visiting and catching up.

Elaine had an appointment with HearUSA this afternoon to check on her hearing aids. She was concerned that perhaps some adjustments were needed since she sensed a reduction in hearing recently. But Joe, the hearing tech, did a thorough cleaning and adjusted some aspects, and she thinks that solved the problem. We got those hearing aids at a HearUSA store in Massachusetts during the winter while we were in NH, and were happy to find a HearUSA store nearby in Phoenix. They have provided good support, and Joe encouraged her to return every 3-4 months for hearing aid cleaning.

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  1. Not sure I submitted my earlier reply. So:
    I wish we had the lovely smell of citrus blossoms in the cold New England winter air. We can look forward to the sweet smell of lilacs and apple blossoms in May.

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