Off to the printer. Dogs to grooming.

Finally, the newsletter went to the printer – UPS on E Dunlap Ave – this morning. I felt sorry for the manager, though, because he was alone in the shop today and my newsletter project was complex. In addition to the normal routine (inside and outside covers in color, all else inside in black and white), I also had a two sided insert (one side color, the other black and white), another two sided insert (both sides black and white), and a one sided insert in black and white. It started out OK, but then his main computer locked up and would not handle the project. He switched to his secondary computer and got one copy of everything printed OK. I left at that point.

Knowing he was alone today I decided to check back in this afternoon to make sure things were going properly. The job was not completed, though I did not expect it to be so. I had told him I needed it tomorrow morning. There were some in a box at the large printer in the front but nothing was happening. He told me that this machine had quit on him so he was using a different (and probably slower one). At that point he had 230 out of 390 books completed plus all the inserts printed. I took those with me to reduce the accumulation at the shop, and he said the rest would be done in the morning.

It had to have been exceptionally difficult being alone because each time I was there a stream of people came in for other services.

It was grooming day for the boys, so we dropped them off with Danielle and crew at Pet Club at 9:00 and picked them up about 12:30. They look so good! Kerby had his usual trim, to a fairly short length. Gizmo, on the other hand, was trimmed to about half the length he had grown out to. We had skipped his grooming last time, wanting his hair to grow out more. We really like him with a longer coat; he looked so cute. And we think his current coat length is probably good. We’ll see how it goes.

We are in a cooling spell yesterday and today – a high of around 72°. And we had some strong winds as well; in fact I did not go to the pool this afternoon due to the winds. It should start warming up again tomorrow, though. We had a brief driving rain this afternoon, enough that I moved the golf cart in under the awning not knowing how long it would last. It didn’t last long, though, and the forecast calls for clearing tonight.

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