Lazy day. Ancestors.

Having had a very hectic week we more or less took it easy today. It wasn’t something that we discussed and planned to do, it just happened. We went out for breakfast and neither of us felt like doing much after. I did some stuff at my desk in late morning and this afternoon I went over to the motorhome to run the engine and the generator, to recharge the batteries. It was quite windy and Elaine did not want to go swimming, so I fell into the same attitude as well. Later this afternoon I got interested in reviewing some family history, having got interested in the Soucie family history yesterday with my meeting with cousin Conrad Soucie.

I come from families of immigrants. None of them were “illegal” since they came to the US before there WAS a USA.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned some history of the Soucy/Soucie family, that of my paternal grandmother Adeline Soucie Violette. Rod Violette has traced that family history back to Claude Soucy, dates unknown, father of Jean Soucy dit Lavigne who was the first Soucy in North America. Jean was born in Picardie, France, date unknown, and was married in 1670 to Jeanne Savonet (or Sauvenier). They moved to North America after that date. My Soucie great-grandfather was the first in the line born in the US; Francis Belonie Soucie was born in 1855 in Frenchville ME. Jean was my great- 8 times grandfather.

On my paternal grandfather’s side, Rod and others have traced the family back to Louis Violet, born 1690 in France. The first in North America was my great-great-great-great-great grandfather Charles Violet, who came to Fortress Louisbourg in Nova Scotia in 1749 but returned to France later. His son Francois, born 1744, is the progenitor of the Violette Family in the US, having come to what is now the USA around 1789. The family of Francois’ first wife, Marie-Luce Thibodeau, has been traced back to Pierre Thibodeau, born in France around 1631, who came to Acadia sometime before 1660. Pierre was my great-8 times grandfather.

My Mom was Alice Bartlett Violette; her father was Elmer J. Bartlett. On his side the Bartlett family has been traced back to Richard Bartlett, born between 1575 and 1590 in England. He was my great-9 times grandfather and was an American colonist. My maternal great-great-grandmother’s family is descended from the White family who came over on the Mayflower so were also American colonists.

My maternal grandmother was Abby Cilley Bartlett. On her side the Cilley family goes back a long ways as well. I did a little digging at but was only able to trace back to my great-great-great-great grandfather, Benjamin Cilley. I couldn’t find a birth date, but his son Benjamin was born in Weare NH in 1775. I am not sure at this point where the Cilley family came from before that. At some point the Cilley family were American colonists.

I am going to pass along the Bartlett and Cilley family info I have to Rod Violette and I am sure he will be able to go much further and deeper than what I have.

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