Dog love stickers. Swimming.

Puppy love paws stickers

I discovered this sticker on Amazon a few weeks ago and no question I had to order it. Especially since it comes in purple. Today Elaine scraped off the old stick figure stickers we have had on there for several years that had started to wear off. And she mounted these two puppy-love stickers in their place. Close to our hearts. I also have some for our golf cart windshield.

Elaine had a nail appointment this morning but they did not include her toenails so she will have to go back this week for that.

While at Walmart she did some grocery shopping as well, but was not happy with the produce there so only bought some things on the list. Later this afternoon we went to Fry’s to get the rest.

I relaxed this morning, reading on my tablet, and this afternoon I did some work at my computer. I prepared an analysis of publishing costs and ad revenues for the Royal Palm newsletter to use for planning for ad sales. I will also present this to the Board for a decision on newsletter size. Currently ad revenues fall a little short of printing costs, and smaller newsletters will obviously cost less to print. Right now it usually costs anywhere from 75¢ a book for a 16-page newsletter to 95¢ for a 24-page one; inserts add to those costs.

It has warmed up again, but only into the low 80s. Normal for this time of year is around 78°. We did go swimming this afternoon even though there was some wind. Elaine said she felt the difference having laid off for a couple of days; she got tired sooner while swimming.

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