Drip good, grip bad. Bridge over troubled… teeth? SpamFighter.

The irrigation controller. I had connected the common wire to the blue MSTR terminal instead of the white COMMON terminal. Duh!

Remember I said a week or so ago that I could not get the irrigation valves to operate? Today Pete Petersen came over with his multimeter to check out my system to see if we could figure out what was wrong. It didn’t take long – I had connected to common wire to something other than the common post! Once moved where it should be all valves worked fine.

drip line
The first drip line runs to the hanging pot. I still have to neat it up.

So I then connected some drip line to the under-awning run (Zone 3) and ran it to the hanging pot Elaine has been watering by hand for quite some time. I have it set to operate tomorrow morning at 8:00, so I can check then to be sure it worked. I still have to get some wire wraps to tie the 1/8″ drip line back neatly; you can see it as the small black line in the photo.

Having finally had some success on those fronts I decided to connect to Zone 2 with a ½” line that will lay on the ground and to which I will connect 1/8″ drip lines to water the plants in pots in front of the house. The feed line for Zone 2 runs under the house and comes up under the skirting in the middle of the house front. But I quickly ran into another problem here as I apparently do not have the strength to push the tubing into the fittings. Grrrr…. I’ll have to get someone else to help me with that. I did cut the ½” tubing pieces I will need and laid the longer one out in the sun behind the house to get the curl out of it.

Flattened boxes on the golf cart deck ready to haul to recycle. That rear deck sure comes in handy for these tasks.

I was successful in hauling a bunch of boxes and other cardboard items to the recycle bin today. We had a collection of some 12-15 boxes that were piling up in the patio, so I knocked them down and hauled them away. We sure make good use of the rear seat/deck we added to the golf cart. It serves as a load deck but flips up to make a second seat when needed.

Two to three weeks ago I noticed a sensitivity in the tooth that serves as the right abutment for my upper bridge. The sensitivity has not gone away and lately I noticed that the bridge seems to not be attached at the right end. Today I went to Aspen Dental to have it checked; the dentist was not able to determine what is going on without removing the bridge, so he recommended waiting another 2-3 weeks to see if it loosens any more. When I come back he will have to remove the bridge to determine what needs to be done. They took x-rays, but the bridge material prevents being able to see beneath it. Not looking forward to that!

I finally installed SpamFighter on my Windows 10 tablet today. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but finally took the time to do it. I have been using SpamFighter on my computer for maybe 6-8 months now, and like it very much. It has cut down on spam from dozens or hundreds per day to only five or six. I use it on all the email accounts I can. I also installed it on Elaine’s computer a few months ago. One thing I like about SpamFighter is that things marked spam on one computer are also marked as spam world-wide, resulting in a more effective attack on spam.



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