Gizmo’s eyes improving! Wind and rain. Gathering ad bucks.

Gizmo went today to his eye doctor for a three-month checkup at Eye Care for Animals. His eyes have improved enough that Dr Ronald Sigler says he can go six months for his next checkup instead of three! Great news. He was diagnosed with pigmentosa keratitis a year or more ago and has been treated with various eye drops twice daily ever since. He gets two different drops in each eye twice a day and will have to the rest of his life. Dr Sigler says the keratitis is receding and the white “blobs” that appeared in the top and bottom of his left eye are getting thinner.

I know, I know. I was saying only recently that we are expecting sunny weather this week. I had only finished writing that last night when an hour later we got hit by a fast, hard, brief thunderstorm. Go figure! Today has been windy, with temps in the high 70s though.

While Elaine was at the craft session this morning I went out and collected payment for some ads in the Royal Palm newsletter. One advertiser, 3A Automotive, said they already had results by getting a call yesterday. And the newsletter only went out on Friday. They were pleased. I also took a draft copy of a half page ad for Pet Club to Danielle and Amber for them to approve and they were delighted with it and immediately paid for the first month. I still have a couple of tweaks to do on the ad.

The craft session was special today since Nina Page is celebrating her birthday this month – all month. She brought cake and ice cream and invited folks through the Royal Palm Social Club Facebook group page to share it with her. I did! Thanks, Nina.

I have been remiss in activity for the Violette Family Association for quite a few months, but plan to change that. I will start posting stories at the web site about once a week, and these will go to the Violette Family Association Facebook group as well. I need to follow through much better on this.

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