Coyote update. Membership database update. Strong Pete.

More coyote sightings here in Royal Palm. One rumor has it that the two are making a “nest” in the back yards between B and C Street. That’s not good; we don’t want them raising a family here!

No one seems to know if anyone is taking any action regarding the coyotes, so this afternoon after the pool time I made some calls. First was to Arizona Game & Fish; they don’t handle these situations but gave me two references to companies that trap and relocate such animals. We had to hire one several years ago to remove a racoon family that had made a home in the attic of a home we were renting.

G&F also suggested getting some cougar or mountain lion scat and/or urine. Once the coyotes smell one of their predators in the area they will likely leave and go somewhere else.

Next call was to the Phoenix Zoo; they don’t provide stuff like that. I also called Wildlife World Zoo and had to leave a message for the manager to call me back. I also called Sportsman’s Warehouse, but while they do sell coyote urine they don’t sell that of cougars or mountain lions.

My last call of the day was to Allen Animal Control – one of those referred by G&F – but had to leave a callback message.

More tomorrow!

Some potentially good news on the WordPress membership database front – after some more searching using some different search terms I found a plugin that seems to offer all or most of the features I need. So I got that installed on my test site today and spent a few hours learning about how to set up and use this system. The more I get into it the better I like it; let’s hope that continues!

Pete Petersen came over late this afternoon to help me with the irrigation piping problem. I had tried to attach some fittings to pieces of ½-inch plastic pipe but did not have enough strength to get the pipe inserted. Once Pete tried and got the feel of it he got all four joints done in quick fashion. Thanks, Pete! Now it is up to me to finish the project by inserting the barb fittings and connecting the drip tubing and drip heads. I can handle that.

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