Wind and more wind. Annual physicals.

We have been experiencing wind speeds here in Phoenix the last couple of days that have made it uncomfortable at times to be out. While sustained speeds have been in the 20-30 mph range, we have had bursts much higher. And other parts of Arizona, notably further north and west, have had much higher wind speeds. We’ve had a couple of days, including today, where Elaine did not want to swim due to the wind.

damaged awning
The awning posts were ripped from their ground attachment.
wind damage
Wind damaged awning

Every once in a while a home here in Royal Palm gets damaged with winds. Most usually it is awnings that experience the damage. And that was the case this week as well. Several of the posts supporting the awning shown in the photos were ripped partially from the ground. Marv Fitchett told me he suspects that the anchors had rusted, weakening the attachment. These awnings are made from aluminum and are not sturdy. They depend on all parts working together to provide structural rigidity, and when they do the awning systems are quite rigid.

Elaine and I both had our annual wellness checks, also called physical exams, today. Dr Warren C. Johnson, of Paradise Valley Family Medicine, our primary care physician for about 13 years now, proclaimed us to be in good shape though Elaine does have one follow-on test to be done. We both have a battery of blood tests to be done next week.

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