Drip fix. A job that sucks. Getting ready for yard sale. Less wind.

This was the morning the drip system for the pots out front was to run, and when I came back from walking the dogs my neighbor rushed over to tell me something was wrong. There was water all over the front sidewalk. He said he looked for a shutoff and not finding one was ready to knock on the door to let me know when he saw me walking up the street with the boys. Remember I mentioned a couple of days ago that the soaker line I put in the tray planter was putting out too much water? And remember I said I would fix it yesterday? Guess what I failed to do yesterday?

Yup, you got it.

Upon returning I immediately went to the controller and shut down the program. Then later today I did the modification. I left two three-inch sections of soaker line and joined them with solid line. We’ll know when this zone next runs how well I guessed. I have my zones run twice a week.

There is a deciduous tree in the yard behind us, and it has many half-dead branches. This results in many dried leaves getting blown onto our patio, since the most common wind comes from that direction. Today I did the job of cleaning those up, getting ready for yard sale setup. I used a shop vac, but it turned into a longer and tougher job than I had planned since the vacuum hose kept getting plugged. But I finally got it done after having to clear the hose three or four times, including one time using a long pole shoved in from each end.

Another task in preparing for yard sale was to get out our two folding tables. Over the next few days we’ll be sorting through stuff and arranging it on those tables, ready to go out front on Friday.

Fortunately the wind has died down quite a bit today. On the last couple of days we have had wind speeds in the 20-30 mph range, with gusts even higher. But by late today the winds were calm. We are expecting Saturday to be breezy, but the days leading up and those following do not (at this time) have a forecast of winds. Maybe those leaves will stay away for a while now!

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