Banners hung, signs out. Frantic yard sale prep.

The yard sale banners are now on the front fence of the Park, readily visible from Dunlap Ave

We started the morning with Elaine painting some posters, one with “FRI SAT“, the other with “8-?“, which we attached to the ends of the YARD SALE banner we picked up yesterday. And we went out front and fastened both that banner and the SPECIAL EVENT banner to the front fence. This will let passersby know about the event that starts tomorrow. Then Elaine also painted two large sheets of butcher paper, one with YARD, the other with SALE, and we attached them to two large A-frame panels that Dale and Betty Stroh recently built and George Immerso painted white. We attached the paper signs to the boards and took them out front as well.

Most of the rest of the day was spent in getting our stuff ready for the yard sale. I totally cleaned the popcorn machine since we will be offering fresh popcorn at our yard. We got stuff out of the shed that needed to go out and cleaned up what needed cleaning. And we made one more trip to the motorhome to pick up some last remaining items Elaine wanted to put out. Elaine arranged things on three of the tables so we will just have to move the tables out to the front in the morning.

A lot of our time was decision time – deciding what of our stuff we wanted to keep, what to get rid of. A lot of this comes from having two households – our motorhome household where we lived fulltime for several years and our mobilehome household where we have lived for the last couple of years. Since at first we intended to continue with both homes, when we later decided to no longer continue with our motorhome we have ended up with many duplicates of utensils and other household items. And this yard sale is our first opportunity to reduce those duplications. So we will end up with quite a hodge-podge of items on our tables tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes then.

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