Yard sale. Tired.

A lizard stopped by our yard sale for a half hour or so,but did not buy anything.

Day two was not as successful in sales, but was still fun. Of course the fact that we sold so much of our stock yesterday may have made a difference since there was less to buy, but there were only about one-third of the number of people attending today. Our total take for the two days was around $270, which is pretty good. From what little I heard, many others in the Park did well also. We had our stuff out by 8:00 this morning and shut down just after noon.

I spend the morning at our sale, but Elaine spent most of the morning gallivanting around the Park. She was having a ball! I saw her several times during the morning and each time there were different people with her on the golf cart. I think she used the golf cart to take friends around to visit all the yard sales in the Park. At one time she had five people on the golf cart, she said!

It was also a good time for visiting at our place, with friends stopping by to say hi. I tried to keep Gizmo and Kerby on the porch with the gate closed, but each time a friend came by they made a ruckus and wanted to come greet them. So I gave up and just let them out if they wanted. Kerby stayed in the house for the most part when it started heating up, but Gizmo hung with me down on the patio. They were both great with both friends and strangers who came to our sale.

popcorn machine
Our popcorn machine and its product was very popular at the yard sale event.

I continued to make and sell popcorn today, and it continued to be in demand. All told for the two days I sold about 65 bags of popcorn at 25ยข each! While most only bought one, some bought two or three or, in one case, six bags.

There’s no question that the bright red popcorn machine sitting by our sidewalk attracted people. And we had put out a sign down at the intersection of F and D Streets, a major intersection in the Park, advertising the popcorn. A lot of people got the word this way.

All popcorn sales proceeds go to the Social Club, since the Club had paid for the popcorn supplies. We had bought the supplies a while back for when we took the machine to the Clubhouse for events. But now we have decided to donate the popcorn machine to the Social Club so they can have it at the Clubhouse. It will get much more use there than at our place, and it is too hard to wheel back and forth.

We packed up whatever we had leftover from our yard sale, except for the sewing machine and the Cricut machine, and took it all to the St Vincent de Paul thrift store on 7th Street and donated it there. We did not want to keep it here.

Though I had fun with the yard sale event, I also got tired. As soon as we got back from St Vincent de Paul, around 1:30, I laid back in my recliner and dropped off quite soon after. The next thing I knew Elaine was asking me if I wanted to go swimming. It was 2:50. Elaine was tired, too, but she could not drop off I guess.

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